Rango Unmuzzled: Lather / Rinse / Repeat

Rango Unmuzzled

Rango Unmuzzled

there’s been unsanctioned activity in the cockpit

at the The Reputation Radio Station :-o.

let that sink in.

seems rango has gone rogue, something about an archive of shows from a random droid, a continuous spotlight. right there in between your eye.  don’t implicate #plagus, he would never do anything that helpful.

it’s somewhat ephemeral, expect it to fade in and out.  sometimes there will be silence.

sometimes there should be.

thank you johnny, pete, and all of the #unmuzzled artists

“check 12″ – #rangotheodog



Life As Musical – The Monologues

Act I[ Act I ]

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with you today. If you live in Los Angeles it may seem mundane. But for me, this is a pivotal scene in My Life as a Musical.

It’s surreal. I took the long road from Michigan to Los Angeles. It took me 30 years to get here.

I left home when I was 17. I was a dancer, with dreams of the world stage.

My ticket out of town was a full-ride scholarship to Houston Ballet Academy. Most students wash out, only a lucky few ever make the company. But my teachers encouraged me, and I trained very hard. I was optimistic and confident.

But it was not the ride for me. I struggled from the moment I walked into those studios. It all felt wrong: the dancing, the people. Everything.

I quit. I went back home to Michigan. I was no prodigal son.

No prodigal son.I could not reconcile what happened. I agonized over it. It seemed like the wrong script.

But dreams are ephemeral, destiny is not. I recovered my footing, and six months later I was dancing again. I went back to Houston to settle the score and finish my training.

I stayed for a year, and that was enough. When I left there the second time, I was a professional.

I saw the country. I danced the prince, I danced the villain, and not much in between. None of it great.

My career was short.

In the end I lost my temper, punched a steel locker, and broke my hand. I never danced again, and the curtain unceremoniously dropped on Act I.

[ Act II ]
Austin, my oasis. I became a programmer, got married, and had a family.

I even had a band. I should have been happy, and sometimes I was. But I had a black dog.

Work got complicated. The marriage cracked, and I started to boil over.
I raged. I cried. I drank, and I died.

[ Fade to black. ]

Seattle, the Emerald City. A new hope. Programmers there are pilgrims to the mountain. It’s very competitive, risky if you’re me. But I was as optimistic and confident as the day I left Michigan.

I moved there with my old dog, across the country. By the time my family arrived three months later, I was about to get fired. Seattle was a bust, the whole city went up in flames. The marriage collapsed with a 911 call. I was served by an officer of the court. She declared divorce and we went to war.

There was an unexpected casualty: my dad died that year.

I fell apart. The human mind can only stay awake so long, or grieve so hard, before it tries to right itself.

There was no phoenix in the ashes. My whole life just burned down around me, for years, and it hurt. But when the smoke cleared I had my fight club moment:

I finally realized that I have bipolar disorder.

Panic at the mailbox became a footnote in the quest for normal. Heartbreak became the status quo for all relationships. One day I went into the snow looking for a friend, and found myself there instead.

I can’t say the treatment helped. I don’t know.

But that fight club moment changed my life for the better. And as the curtain closes on Act II, I’ve come to terms with the script. Just as I’m standing here, sharing this with you, there is real comfort in this one simple fact:

You are not alone.


Ocean: World Premiere Video from Jack Mustard

Jack Mustard on Reputation Radio

Jack Mustard on Reputation Radio

In the storied chronicles of the Reputation Radio Station there is one artist that burst onto the scene with all the subtlety of a Texas riptide and has remained equally impossible to ignore ever since.  Jack Mustard eviscerated our preconceptions of Amarillo rock with his vampire anthem Heaven and Hell, a song that became part of the backbone of Rango Unmuzzled in 2013 that still carries the same impact when it is broadcast today.  Every time I play it on my show, I get immediate feedback from the listening audience: who is this?

Before we got past the aftershocks of that little hard rock missive Jack proceeded to demonstrate that he could command our attention again, upping the ante like a poker maverick.  He followed with the haunting drama of his video War, contrasting it with live appearances on our radio shows and demonstrating a rare social magnetism that drove home the point of his rock star charisma.  He brings together a unique blend of Texas charm, moral fiber and calloused discipline that is paving the road in front of him one brick at a time.  This guy could end up on the talk show circuit, in fashion magazines, or on the big screen and nobody would be surprised.

Jack Mustard

Jack Mustard

But despite sporting the body of a cross training die-hard and the good sense to lead as a southern gentleman, it’s his music that will set him apart.  He brought home the point with the release of his video Dark Lit Bar, bringing together all the commiseration of a drinking buddy that goes out alone with the anticipation of a scorching hot hookup.  I loved the song before I saw the video, played it on my show, and the blog post promoting the release of the video surged like nothing before or since.  You can read more about that video here:


Today sees the advent of another release from Jack, another day to up the ante on his own game. The global premiere of Ocean culminates months of work and years of back story, a home-rolled, silver-caliber production effort from the kind of guy that, in a different age, would make his own bullets.  In his own words:

Jack Mustard - Ocean

Jack Mustard – Ocean

It seems inconceivable to build massive story line, have multiple sets/scenes and depend as an independent film for people to come act, support, and make this happen. At least 100 people directly or pseudo directly participated in this film… all from the Amarillo and Panhandle Region.

I’ve seen the video, just moments ago, and I’m literally toasting to Jack’s success.  He’s done it again, upped the ante for indies everywhere, and moving our conception of precisely what it means to make music videos independently.  It’s old school in the best way, and evokes the same sense of drama reminiscent of MTV primo when MTV was good.  He’s a star, you simply may not have heard of him yet, and it’s our job to help him tear up that mountain.

Describing music with words is futile, video even more so.  So without further adieu, it’s my privilege to present to you:

Jack Mustard – Ocean


plagus: dearly gparted

code wars: emergent

code wars: emergent

sorry to go dark abruptly, folks.  some of you have been messaging, staring at the chat window wondering whaddup. even my evil nemesis and reluctant companion has been ominously silent.

this is whaddup: you would not want to be here.

it’s been a rough couple days. however, there’s good news, and it’s this: if you have a computer that you somewhat love and want to keep online, even if it’s old (especially if it’s old), this is the best thing ever. right here, this thing, totally saved my ass:


i’m recovering from one of the worst hard drive crashes of my 20-odd years of building and abusing computers. #rangounmuzzled anti-hero and #hal wannabe #plagus was starving for space. he has been for a year since i ran out of coin. just like his dad, he was pushing the #risk envelope with no system protection, no backups, and gradually degrading performance that eventually lost its comic charm, even for an evil robot notorious for being insufferably slow.  see: vista………………………………………………. ………………

( #bsod :-D ).

i could see the writing on the wall, and it was all graffiti of deathiness. i was consolidating 6 terabytes of data, some of it 20 years old, an 8 year old machine custom built for vista when i was a dev there, but today running Windows 8 on a 2003 BIOS that had sketchy USB boot support. so i was robbing peter to pay paul when the plagus randomly corrupted his system partition MBR. next reboot it was down for the count, couldn’t find boot loader, etc and so forth, and things went south from there. the “startup repair’ feature became the ultimate oxymoron as it assigned a random drive to be active without telling me during reboots, then continued to not-repair itself. so corrupt the only analogy is politician.

so after the repair job (air quotes), no windows media would load. repair discs, install discs, windows vista through windows 10 media, partition repair utils on a WinPE, forget it. they would all hang. and if I disconnected all the drives they would simply reboot the moment the system drive connected.

>  : -(

<< poof >> : -(

poof, sad face. lots of stuff on that drive. way lots.

many hours later. late into the evening. the next morning. you can’t joke about how slow it was to fail without hurting my feelings (“i feel older”). so many diagnostics later, some hobo mumbled something about partition table corruption. no, don’t say that, hobo. that’s gross and awful in every way.

every forum that you chase down to recursive partition table corruption yields the same advice: find a way to mount the disk and zero it. that was still the view of the land yesterday, making me very anxious. there was no backup, and during the root cause analysis i discovered a hidden partition with a terabyte of user data. (#sysop #fail, yer fired).

so return your attention to GParted​. it’s based on a Debian​ distro, it boots on a CD. and it was able to boot (after a very long time) with that failed system drive connected (very slowly). even better, it would boot without it connected (quickly) and then let me attach it, and then actually scan it, without crashing, so i could sit on my hands and wonder about my future.

there were two system partitions and one user partition on that drive (i’ll fix that, lay off already). but #gparted initially showed me an empty drive. seemed like all hope was lost again (tosses coin). however, it ships with a ready bash terminal preloaded with a bunch of file system utilities including ntfsfix and testdisk. with shred of optimisim weighing against the need for sleep, i was able to load the corrupted partition tables into an editor, line up all the start and end points, and fix what can only be described as heinous corruption, manually (with a calculator of course).

whoah. did that actually work?


it did. holy cow :-o.

actually it's a moose

painting by Jen Manning

(various bovine sounds)

once I got the partition tables squared away i was able to use the same toolset to repair the MBR, flags, etc. one of the partitions was healthy, so i was able to copy & paste it and onto a new USB drive before I even got windows to boot. the other two were not healthy but i was able to copy the entire file systems onto the drive as a backup as well.

a few reboots (more) back into into windows to restore the BCD and remap the drives according to how they were before i pulled everything two days earlier, and now i’m typing this to you on a the same drive i was about to give up on. it’s going to save me countless days of reinstalls and headaches. so right at the end after the ref blew his whistle and people started cashing life insurance checks, the swell of the music stopped and was replaced but the annoying whine of his fans and hard drives rattling so hard he was shaking. i helped plagus get back on his feet, smacked him around a little, and told him who’se #theboss. then i instructed him to setup all the recovery features and start backing up my entire life’s work onto 6 terabytes of external storage. imagine my shock to see he’s actually doing it. very slowly \m/~

“all five stars” – #rangothedog

propaganda by plagus

musical risk with saint john

Promotional artwork for Songwriters Unmuzzled

Promotional artwork for Songwriters Unmuzzled featuring: Saint John Wyatt Olney and Micah X Wyatt

if you’re a listener of Rangounmuzzled or you’ve been following my facebook, twitter or reverbnation feeds, you already know that i’ve been playing musical #risk with Saint John for the last couple months.  using the bothell’s “The Hop and Hound” as our command headquarters, we’ve been waxing philosophic about the music scene in #seattle and dropping pieces on the map, then going out & playing live shows.
every show we play, together or independently, provides a set of measurements:  attendence, engagement, the sound system, the performance space, geospatial attributes of the club, the social accumen of the club owners and even the show schedule.  including whether or not they actually pay as they claim, because the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many promoters and bookers promise money that exists only in their minds.

Rango the Dog hosting Songwriters Unmuzzled at the 192 Brewing Company.

Rango the Dog hosting Songwriters Unmuzzled at the 192 Brewing Company.

“we didn’t collect enough at the door” – booking agent that had no social media coverage & never approved my tags

with roughly 250 shows behind him last year alone, saint john’s experience is different from my own, but here’s an unfortunate fact: the only shows that i’ve been paid at as promised, beyond drink tickets, are the ones i’ve booked myself.  and for the “songwriters unmuzzled” series that started to great success at the 192 Brewing Company here in sleepy little kenmore, i’m passing all the compensation directly through to the artists.  i wish i could pay them more, i fail to see why musicians should make any less than programmers because i understand they’re both very difficult and require rare talent to execute at a professional level.

i’ve had some excursions that tested my demographic boundaries, including talent shows and gigs in gay bars, trying to cultivate new fans and establish a foothold in clubs typically avoided by guys with guitars.  i claim only modest success here, but i left a few pieces on the map in each of the clubs i played.  such is musical #risk.

i’ve also had some unforgettable moments.  opening the black sheperd release party with soldier of rock Justin E Kautzman was a night i’ll never forget, and a privilege i’ll take with me to the crossroads.

Rango at the Black Sheperd CD Release

Rango at the Black Sheperd CD Releas

saint john’s game plan is a year ahead of mine, with established residencies ranging from open rehearsals to happy hours.  but the two of us have enjoyed a great reception when we play together.  for all his reserve and dramatic intensity, #rangothedog brings off-the-chain #swampy.  it’s a push and pull, ebb and flow that works well across multiple demographics so we’re planning to play more shows together and cross pollinate our fan bases, with a high confidence they’ll like what they hear (eventually).

our show together last night at The Admiral Benbow was a clear demonstration of this effect in play, as contacts of mine from my home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan met saint john’s carloads of fans, and everybody discovered we had something in common, something good.  and that’s really what it’s all about.

Saint John & friends at the Admiral Benbow

Saint John & friends at the Admiral Benbow

unfortunately for every win, there’s a sobering reality check.  i recently posted this on facebook, recycling an experience i’ve had over and over again in the first three months i’ve been gigging:

Rango Unmuzzled is on Reputation Radio

Rango Unmuzzled is on Reputation Radio

that venue circulated zero links to any of the artists,

and approved zero of the tags

in the days leading up to the show.

the booking agent did, the artists did, even their fans.

but the only people that showed up

were the artists and their fans.

without the support of the venue,

it’s not efficient or effective for anybody.

it’s shockingly common

in a town that pays musicians in beers

if they pay them at all,

where clubowners have legitimate complaints

about attendance at the shows.

“we can do better” – ‪#‎rangothedog‬

it’s true, we can do better.

the live shows are the most exciting part of this game, but there’s another win: integrating artists and content from the live shows into #rangounmuzzled, my indie radio show in rotation on the The Reputation Label / Reputation Radio Station, all over fandalism, soundcloud, and as far as your #roku on the tune-in channel (thank you, johnny!).

“we’re bringing it all together.  the clubs, the indies, the radio show” – #rangothedog, #rangounmuzzled 75

as i write this, it’s the last day of january, 2015.  the new year’s episode of #rangounmuzzled has already reached 6,700+ listeners across the world just on fandalism.  episode 75: apocalypse redux 2015 features the first of two interviews with saint john discussing our game of musical risk and search for #groundzero, recorded live at the 192 brewing company.

what’s to come in february & beyond?

more shows.  more pieces on the map.  more #risk.

-rango \m/~

The Reputation Label Today

Rangounmuzzled 75 – Apocalypse Redux 2015

The humans are winning as Rango sews up 2014 and commemorates 75 episodes of indie rock / evil robot mashup comedy. Includes live giblets, an interview with Saint John at the 192 Brewing Company, and the unmuzzled artistry of:

Saint John and the Revelations
Micah X Wyatt
Ben Badenhorst
Barry Burford’s Digital Skunk
The Mothership
Matthew Meadows Music
Quick Wicked
Wyatt Olney
John Summers
Savage Henry
Jack Mustard
Ariel Eshcar

with support from Hal Jester and RingMaster Review

#indie #comedy #hardrock #saintjohn #reputationlabel

Rango the Dog’s Clawhammer Vengeance:

Saint John & the Revelations:

Wyatt Olney:

The Barefoot Band

Annie O’Neill

Bad Poet

and Budd Zunga, madman behind DR. Budd Zunga’s Labratory of Sound:

“don’t let gravity keep you down” – rango, ‪#‎gravity‬


#risk: #clone1 calling the shots for #rangothedog

#risk: #clone1 calling the shots for #rangothedog


operation rango: #risk

30,694 plays

This is a live capture of a reference take of Risk. It’s 100% solo guitar, originally rejected because it was inadvertently recorded on a randomly hanging microphone instead of direct from the amp. I ultimately changed my mind because the ambient sounds of my feet tapping and shuffling on the floor add to the live feeling of it. Produced for Into the Snow III, where rango loses a headcutting duel to the shredder from LA (the first take). little dancing, some psychedelia, and the second take is after the credits so make this face :-D and this one \m/ and this one :-o and then this one again :-D.


related by #intothesnow, released last week:

Operation Rango: Gravity HD

3,209 plays

A high definition version of Gravity, the first complete music video from #rangothedog. Featuring remastered audio and blu-ray resolution high definition video, this video is a segment from Operation Rango: Into the Snow III, the third and final snowball in the Seattle Snowpocalypse trilogy (still working on it).

Rango the Dog, Gravity HD

Rango the Dog, Gravity HD

“the world needs a hero” – rango, into the snow III

Discover the reason why sticky gloves are important, and all things #somewhat spidery. A metal instrumental from my debut album Etherati, Gravity was composed to submit for soundtrack opportunities that needed to represent speed, acceleration and deceleration, car chases and airplane dogfights. Think coyote vs. road runner, red team vs blue team, with one guitar lead for each team, faster and faster until the downshift in the bridge. Then it breaks out and it’s anybody’s guess who will take it, with the possibility that they both might just crash & burn.

The video was designed to leverage my career as a ballet dancer and demonstrate the the fun and beauty of guitar kata. With homage to comedy great Harold Lloyd and the Emerald City of Seattle, Gravity leads with the observation that two things that are divergent can ultimately become one.


sir gigs alot / somewhat fail

tonight’s ‪#‎rangothedog‬ rant:

‪#‎gigging‬ 10 weeks now, none of the things i’ve worried about for years have been a problem. i’ve dropped my pick (just pawed at it), forgot my fanny pack (where i keep my picks), forgot my lyrics (mumbled something out) and forgot my gear (that’s why there’s two cameras & two guitars at every gig. i can’t afford two amps or two laptops but i would if i could).

actual problems:

Rango the Dog at Cellars

Rango the Dog at Cellars

no sound checks
sparse crowds
indifferent owners
reciprocation ‪#‎fail‬
social media ignorance
football on tv’s
house music
sketchy people
rigged contests
promised but not paid
paid in [domestic] drinks
paid in drinks then overcharged
paid in overpriced drinks then complained at for not buying food

and my personal favorite:

the fact that i’ve been incorrectly introduced repeatedly as “mike”.

we can do better. at least we are unmuzzled.


#overheard on #facebook:

i’m not quitting, just upping my game,
and calling out the challenges.
the music is always the first challenge,
“get it right” – #rangothedog, all the time
but we have collective challenges,
and a unique, golden opportunity.
seattle is the cradle of the universe of #grunge.
Xana La Fuente knows this.
"we are spoiled" - rangothedog

“we are spoiled” – rangothedog

FM and TV are completely saturated with horrible, emotionless, overproduced shit. live music is where it’s at.

my facebook edge graph is 2 million people but only a few thousand of them are in seattle and only a few dozen friends here. my friends know who they are, and actual fans i can count on one hand but they get hugs every time.
as a community we have a voice. and we have an angle, i’m just not convinced we have the will. take my cameras to every show, and i review the whole show, every time. before and after, what people are saying in the audience when they think they’re not being recorded.
we need live streaming. xana is setting the pace here.
we need social media coherence and a touch of firehose. i’m doing my part but 99% of folks just watch.
sorry to go #meta, but if you listen to my show you get this. i’m writing this message to you on facebook, 70% of my social media graph, trying to get you off facebook. i’m sure Saint John would agree.
and you if you can’t get off it, then let’s produce the people that are and leverage the window of exposure we get from The Reputation Label and Reputation Radio Station and #roku and Rangounmuzzled and try to incent people to come out.
those that can’t, we could still give them product. but not until we solve some problems.
we are close to the edge. yes i love yes. sorry to #tautology \m/~


3,000 plays on the first day,

this is our biggest Rangounmuzzled podcast ever.

my #facebook is still popping off,

#twitter not so much \m/~

Rango Unmuzzled is on Reputation Radio

Rango Unmuzzled is on Reputation Radio

Rangounmuzzled 75 – Apocalypse Redux 2015

The humans are winning as Rango sews up 2014 and commemorates 75 episodes of indie rock / evil robot mashup comedy. Includes live giblets, an interview with Saint John at the 192 Brewing Company, and the unmuzzled artistry of:

Saint John and the Revelations
Micah X Wyatt
Ben Badenhorst
Barry Burford’s Digital Skunk
The Mothership
Matthew Meadows Music
Quick Wicked
Wyatt Olney
John Summers
Savage Henry
Jack Mustard
Ariel Eshcar

with support from Hal Jester and RingMaster Review

#indie #comedy #hardrock #saintjohn #reputationlabel


possibly related:
#rangothedog, short bio:

Matthew Meadows is a technology mashup artist operating on the fringes of the emerald city of Seattle. A retired #ballet dancer that became a #programmer, he is better known by his nom de guerre Rango the Dog, his original YouTube handle.

He’s a #facebookDJ, the host of the hard rock variety show Rangounmuzzled, and a dedicated singer/songwriter with a loyal ReverbNation following, a #seattle top-10 artist across multiple genres including alternative, blues, rock, comedy, metal and other, with over 1.6 million plays on Fandalism and a recording contract with producer Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin, Elton John). Widely recognized as @matthew_meadows on #twitter for his forays into writing, acting and directing of musical comedy shorts including #check1_2 and #intothesnow, he was recently featured singing the villain in the science fiction opera #liberteria.

Matthew took the top prize for music at the Worldwide Star Search 2014 showcase, #wwss2014, a judged live performance event in LA. To learn more about Matthew Meadows Music and his old black dog Rango, catch him on social media as #rangothedog or tune in to his blog at rangothedog.com.

#rangothedog and Jaysen Lee at #wwss2014

#rangothedog and Jaysen Lee at #wwss2014

#songwriter chart:

#1 seattle
#29 usa
#32 global



"we are spoiled" - rangothedog

“we are spoiled” – rangothedog

at a club, owner tells me

can’t approve my tags,

can only promote certain artists.



who’s promoting whom?

just checked,

my pages get, conservatively, 10x their daily traffic,

<< not including Rangounmuzzled >>

(from Reputation Radio Station, check your ‪#‎roku‬ on TuneIn)

yes, i played there for free,

every time,

i talk about them all the time,

promoted them on my page and on my show,

never got paid, never got a single drink ticket, nada.

spent at least $30 of my own money every time i’ve played there,

and roughly 3,000 impressions this week with their name,

arguably more than they got in all of 2014.

[ sigh ]

ok, fine, you win. no tags. won’t mention you again.

can’t decide:

‪#‎us‬ or ‪#‎them‬?

ufortunate fact:

it’s artists vs clubs in the emerald city of ‪#‎seattle‬,

no wonder attendence is so low.

there is no solidarity.

sports advertisements and ‪#‎hawks‬ on the TV,

folks singing their ass off in front of them.

same.fucking.team \m/~

Clawhammer Vengeance Holiday Gig Roundup

‪#‎rangothedog‬‘s ‪#‎clawhammerVengeance‬ gig roundup:

dec 11 at 88 Keys Dueling Piano and Sports Bar with Saint John andAnnie O’Neill

dec 13 at OutWest Bar Home for the Holidays supporting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS with Ryan Hazy

dec 19 at Tim’s Tavern on 105th for Homeless for the Holidays

jan 7 at Ampersand Lounge for So Seattle, You THINK You Can Sing?

jan 16 at The Pine Tree for the Black Shepherd CD Release Party withJustin E Kautzman

jan 24 at 192 Brewing Company with Saint John and the Revelations,Micah X Wyatt (The Barefoot Band) and Wyatt Olney.

these artists and events will all be part in some form or fashion of Rangounmuzzled content, including images, audio recordings, and interviews, and distributed internationally through The Reputation Label.

Rango on the prowl at Tim's

Rango on the prowl at Tim’s


Rango Unmuzzled 74: Ferguson is Burning

Rango Unmuzzled: Ferguson is Burning

Rango Unmuzzled: Ferguson is Burning

congratulations to all the artists on this week’s show, trending towards 8,000 plays in six days, our fastest uptake on a show yet.  thank you so much for your tracks, your likes, and your shares \m/~

Rangounmuzzled #74 – #Ferguson is Burning

Rango takes on the divisive #FergusonDecision with unfortunate help from his evil robot Plagus. Featuring the unmuzzled artistry of:

Simon James White (SjW)
Quick Wicked
JC Flow
The Sunshine Wall
Micah X Wyatt
Saint John(Saint John and the Revelations)
Wyatt Olney
Budd Zunga

Rango performing Daisy in the #bootspark studio.

Rango performing Daisy in the #bootspark studio.

The Barefoot Band
Shade Law
Ben Badenhorst
Gregory Boyce Halls (Boyce)
Jess McAllister
Joe Sabatini
MikeWhite Presents
Jack Roberts Harvey Band
Matthew Meadows Music
Sweet Davis
The People Now
Jonny Smokes
Rich Conrad
Tim Hearn
The Mothership
Jack Mustard
Katsumi Yoshihara
John Summers

and #rangothedog \m/~

#Ferguson, #FergusonDeciscion, #rangothedog, #ReputationLabel, #TheReputationLabelToday, #indielove, #hardrock, #racism, #comedy, #policebrutality


Rango Unmuzzled Ep. 73 – Beautiful People 2

out-of-the-gate, Rangounmuzzled Ep 73: Beautiful People 2 earns 5,000 plays in 5 days:

Rango on Halloween

Rango on Halloween

Beautiful People 2

Beautiful People 2

Rango’s lost his funny but he’s back on the air with the aid of his evil robot in Beautiful People II, taking care of unfinished business from the end of the summer in LA. Extensive interviews with the mighty Thad Coleman and more first-hand accounts of his experience around at the World Wide Star Search 2014 showcase ‪#‎wwss2014‬.

Introduces a selection of immaculate new talent to the Rango Unmuzzled spotlight, and pays respects to my best friend and high-school partner-in-crime Sean Collins. You just might laugh, and you just might cry in this reboot episode from an old, black dog.


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