World Premiere Video: Jack Mustard’s Dark Lit Bar

Having just enjoyed the carnal pleasure of a sneak preview of Mustard’s new video, Dark Lit Bar, these words ring more true today than the day they were posted on Facebook:

Jack Mustard

Jack Mustard

“I want to be Jack Mustard for a day.” – #rangothedog

There was already consensus around the initial uptake on the song Dark Lit Bar when it was rolled out on The Reputation Label’s RangoUnmuzzled radio show.  I can paraphrase it this way, based on comments heard from the women in our audience, all of which were unsolicited and some quite unseemly (keep ’em coming):

That song is hot.

And indeed it is.  But the video punches up the heat to a completely different level by bringing a disruptive factor to the equation: Jack Mustard himself.  Take a phenomenal physique worthy of an MMA fighter, mix it with the the kind of charisma you’d expect on the late-night talk show circuit, add a hand-picked selection of female talent willing to drive home the point of his lyrics, and the outcome is red-hot.

Mind you, he does it with class, delivering the essentially sensual without crossing the line, in a manner that pays homage to Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible.  It’s tasteful, a hell of a production, and quite a privilege to view it first.  And it’s entirely possible Jack Mustard will end up a folk hero for his efforts, mark these words:

“That song was playing on the radio the day we met” – future parents

Ladies, you’ve been warned, please dress inappropriately before you go into Jack Mustard’s Dark Lit Bar \m/~

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