Ocean: World Premiere Video from Jack Mustard

Jack Mustard on Reputation Radio

Jack Mustard on Reputation Radio

In the storied chronicles of the Reputation Radio Station there is one artist that burst onto the scene with all the subtlety of a Texas riptide and has remained equally impossible to ignore ever since.  Jack Mustard eviscerated our preconceptions of Amarillo rock with his vampire anthem Heaven and Hell, a song that became part of the backbone of Rango Unmuzzled in 2013 that still carries the same impact when it is broadcast today.  Every time I play it on my show, I get immediate feedback from the listening audience: who is this?

Before we got past the aftershocks of that little hard rock missive Jack proceeded to demonstrate that he could command our attention again, upping the ante like a poker maverick.  He followed with the haunting drama of his video War, contrasting it with live appearances on our radio shows and demonstrating a rare social magnetism that drove home the point of his rock star charisma.  He brings together a unique blend of Texas charm, moral fiber and calloused discipline that is paving the road in front of him one brick at a time.  This guy could end up on the talk show circuit, in fashion magazines, or on the big screen and nobody would be surprised.

Jack Mustard

Jack Mustard

But despite sporting the body of a cross training die-hard and the good sense to lead as a southern gentleman, it’s his music that will set him apart.  He brought home the point with the release of his video Dark Lit Bar, bringing together all the commiseration of a drinking buddy that goes out alone with the anticipation of a scorching hot hookup.  I loved the song before I saw the video, played it on my show, and the blog post promoting the release of the video surged like nothing before or since.  You can read more about that video here:


Today sees the advent of another release from Jack, another day to up the ante on his own game. The global premiere of Ocean culminates months of work and years of back story, a home-rolled, silver-caliber production effort from the kind of guy that, in a different age, would make his own bullets.  In his own words:

Jack Mustard - Ocean

Jack Mustard – Ocean

It seems inconceivable to build massive story line, have multiple sets/scenes and depend as an independent film for people to come act, support, and make this happen. At least 100 people directly or pseudo directly participated in this film… all from the Amarillo and Panhandle Region.

I’ve seen the video, just moments ago, and I’m literally toasting to Jack’s success.  He’s done it again, upped the ante for indies everywhere, and moving our conception of precisely what it means to make music videos independently.  It’s old school in the best way, and evokes the same sense of drama reminiscent of MTV primo when MTV was good.  He’s a star, you simply may not have heard of him yet, and it’s our job to help him tear up that mountain.

Describing music with words is futile, video even more so.  So without further adieu, it’s my privilege to present to you:

Jack Mustard – Ocean


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