About Rango the Dog

Rango the Dog is the alter-ego of Seattle-area programmer, musician, dancer, graphic artist, writer, actor and model Matthew Meadows.  The opinions expressed here may be coarsely stated and offensive to certain readers so please use appropriate discretion.  My daddy raised me right and I’m actually quite polite and easy to work with, but sometimes you have to talk like a sailor in order to get people to listen.

\m/ (-.-) \m/

5 thoughts on “About Rango the Dog

  1. Hey there Rango, my brorher and partime time traveler. Very well put together site, man. Slick, inviting, easy on the eyes…niiiiice…\m/…and very complete, I might add. If anyone wants to know rthe true legend of Rango….this is the place…=]


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