Operation Rango: Somewhat Vapid

Rango jumps the shark as he smuggles his video camera into a photo shoot and reveals his plot to infiltrate the fashion industry with the best accessory since pants. Note that this url is not listed.  It’s my private video, I make no money… from it (blocked by Google Adwords for life), and you have to share it if you want other folks to see it.  Featuring the music of Jenni French, this is unmuzzled Rango, baby and opens with a string of expletives befitting a rabid dog.  Pretty much downhill after that.06/05/2012: I called the modeling agency last week to see how they wanted to handle the video.  They never called me back so I released the one I thought was funniest.  They finally called back, and it seems they don’t share my sense of humor.  I was very cooperative and immediately took it down since I want to work with these guys as much as possible.  It could have gone either way but it turns out they failed to see the benefit of free advertising through viral video.  I even have the model Mercedes, the blonde, on video saying she’s cool being in the shot, but the agency didn’t inquire and likely wouldn’t care.  Possibly because they’re models, possibly because they’re ([DON’T MAKE ME SAY IT]).OK, that’s not the full story.  SPOILER ALERT: I decided to release the video I thought was the funniest, on the outside chance that they would think it was funny too and help promote it from the inside.  Possible risks included ending my relationship with the agency (same position as now) or getting sued.  I decided that even if I got sued it wouldn’t amount to anything because a) I have no money and b) I make no money from the videos (barred for life by Google AdWords, no appeal) and c) the model consented knowing very well that d) if they sued me I’d be having a press release every two weeks until the whole world knew my name, and then I’d win and finally get famous.  Whatever it takes dude, I’ve already sold my soul.  I have to embrace a lot of risk to make a lot of headway.

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