It Just Had To Go…..

My fans and affiliates know that part of my story has been told on the air via the Reputation Radio Show’s Nervecast Sessions.  John Summers killed it last Friday and explains why here:

It Just Had To Go…...

My response?

I’m with John Summers on this one.  If your baby isn’t meeting up to your expectations after a year, better to kill it and make a new baby.  !?  It’s art, baby, not people babies.  See you in the Inner Sanctum, expect to meet Rango Unmuzzled in the darkest corners there.

Nice job, Johnny.  Bravo.  I applaud your artistry and your musicianship and your willingness to make the hard call.

\m/ (-.-) \m/

2 thoughts on “It Just Had To Go…..

    • Not only have I been played on the show, I’m a regular contributor and was on this last Friday, Skyped in and chatting it up with the host. I can’t promise you plays but I can promise if you stick around you’ll catch their attention.



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