Afterburners Kicking In

Best quote so far for the “unexpected vacation”, heretofore to be known as Summer 2012: The Wild Rumpus.

“how you can you possibly be happy? you have no job and no income.” – anonymous

“i wasn’t aware those things were correlated” – rango

I’ve had a great vacation despite the precipitous free fall. And it’s not over, I’ve got hours of recordings and videos coming own the pike now, and a ballet studio with a beautiful dancer waiting for me later this week. Chops are back, mic’s hot, friends as far as the eye can see, presently on fire and just generally loving life \m/.

Recording Liberteria, Metal Ink again today (no success last night, I fired the vocalist for being marginal and haven’t found a suitable replacement). After that, the Reputation RadioShow called me out on the air and I agreed to delivering the goods on a fresh episode of Rango Unmuzzled.

Love you guys ans see you on the other side of the Big Red Button(TM). Out for a bit to get shit done, please check out MuseBoat Radio Presents: TJ’s MuseBridge here at 2:00PM, I’ll be on their today and in the chat room for a spell.

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