iPhone Maps: Epic Fail

Really not surprise at the failure of the IPhone team to deliver a solid mapping application. Why? Mapping is hardcore computer science at its best, and delivering accurate applications that convey everything from your geospatial coordinates as conveyed by satelite imagery to construction information to what’s on the menu nearbye is such an onerous task only a few companies in the world have tried and even come close. On of them is Microsoft, and as a former member of the Bing Maps team I’m pleased to say other device vendors have had the insight to recoginze this difficulty and chosen to go with an embedded solution. Apple should give up being a maps vendor just like they gave up on developing an operating system and just skin somebody else’s solution. They do that better than any company in the world. They gave up on the Mac OS and went with BSD and the world is better for it. They should consider the same type of solution for their mapping application / epic fail. They should consider what Kindle and Nokia already know. They should consider Bing Maps.





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