Target Financials

consider this conversation, which i’m paraphrasing but using the actual vendor names because it’s simply my experience.

rango: “ok, i’m telling you again. do you have the summary of our last conversation in front of you? just copy and paste it for this week and please have your machines stop calling me”.

eff the man

eff the man

Target Financials calls me repeatedly morning, noon and night with their stupid robots that take 30 seconds to pick up and their stupid agents that screw my name up every single time. And then ask me the same questions. Every other vendor, they get the message. They offered to put me on a plan. They still call, but you can refer them to your case and they’ll stop for a week or so. Target, no way, those guys are predators.

rango: “i’m working now, and I’ve sorted my creditors by how they’ve treated me. The one’s who’ve treated me the best get paid first and get paid the most. You guys are last. Dead last. In fact, you’re two weeks out. Please don’t call for another two weeks because your treatment is so arrogant and crass i’m pretty certain i don’t have any more money. The first thing I’m going to do when I get on my feet is sell off my debt to you to the highest bidder and get rid of this account and tell everybody on Facebook and the rest of the world how you’ve treated me. Do not call here again, and please send this message immediately to your manager. Get me off that list. I will not respond to anymore messages and I’ll make a nominal good faith payment on that date of $200. Goodbye.” (hangs up)

target: ring ring. ring ring. ring ring.

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