Operation Rango: Klout 101

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  • Matthew Meadows …a 70!
    RANGO: what’s Microsoft Research?
    PLAGUS: 45.
    MONA: it’s pink!
  • Matthew Meadows klout does not release their distribution, but casual inquiries have revealed that 90% of the population is below the 50 mark. it narrows towards the top, where you have unobtainables entities like YouTube and Google near 100. so jumping from 65 to 70 is an enormous leap, statistically it’s far more than 5%, it’s that plus the difference inversely proportional to the slope of the tail of their distribution, silly. :-p:-p

    Mike Elgan (pro tech columnist): 77
    Marilyn Monroe (she is dead who is this): 79
    YouTube: (i has kitty) 91 <– stratospheric
    god: 100 (i made that one up, but presumably it’s an asymptote and therefore an unobtainable ideal that we should all strive for)
  • Matthew Meadows i like how they measured that 😀:-D. you know what they say, measure twice, cut once.

    RANGO: hey, not so close to the edge :-/:-/
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