Operation Rango: Busking 101 (Addendum)

nothing like a bomb going off in your head to keep the mood changes lively & brisk, and keep you awake at night. in my case it was seeing a music video tonight from my estranged and beloved daughter, Claire. her subject? opens with herself but quickly turns to the buskers down at Pike Place Market most of whom are mentally ill and some of whom are very talented. the music? hip hop, about the Seattle hip hop scene. yes, it’s self-reflective and full of meta, from a 17 year old girl, my daughter. she looks like a feminine version of me.

the video includes, pseudo-randomly, chats with the balloon man and shots of the ferris wheel and the ferries, and the seattle cityscape at night. a long, extended sequence features the bums, the hobos, the unwashed masses at the spot of grass by the hippies. a strong sense of attachment and commiseration with their experience, and shots of the gum wall and 420.

btw, this was me, several months ago, downtown at Pike Place Market, struggling with unemployment and mental illness, including random chats with the balloon man, an extended sequence where i missed the ferris wheel and the ferries but called it out in the captions, and played for 12 minutes straight at the spot of grass by the hippies. have i mentioned the very/very first time i played my guitar in public in seattle it was in the little bar by the gum wall? have i mentioned i’m still unemployed, and about to lose my house?




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