The People Now Featured on Seattle Seahawks Coverage KCPQ 13

The People Now

The People Now

The People Now

The People Now

The People Now

The People Now

this is awesome.   i promote the The People Now all the time, totally love these guys and very happy to see them getting this kind of exposure!!! i don’t have a TV and i don’t normally go to football games but this is enough to change my attitude on both counts.  go hawks! and way to #represent The People Now\m/~

via garth hockersmith:

The People Now wrote an anthem back in the summer of 2010 while recording at Robert Lang Studio; one that speaks to uniting for any cause that speaks to YOU. That being said, did someone say Seattle Seahawks football? We’re honored to announce that very song, “One by One” will be the featured intro on KCPQ Fox Sports “SEAHAWKS SATURDAY NIGHT” tonight! Be sure to tune in the KCPQ 13 Sports on Channel 13 (Seattle) at 10:30pm or Joe TV (Channel 22 Comcast) at 9:30pm TONIGHT! The show will also be featured on the Official Seattle Seahawks website. We’re HONORED to be a part of this historic time for Seattle and part of the 12th man, 12th band! And now, let’s do this, “One by One”! Go Hawks!

i interviewed garth a few weeks ago, featured on this RangoUnmuzzled episode:

Rang Unmuzzled #44 – Out the Door with Rango & Garth

Rango the Dog heads out the door and finds a quiet spot to chat with The People Now mastermind Garth Hockersmith. Sprinkled in with the music of Seattle’s proggiest: a wide selection of new music from artists of the Asylum Music Group including exclusive new Christmas tracks from Matthew Martinek and John Q. Public.

Garth Hockersmith

Garth Hockersmith

Featuring the music of:

Jonny Smokes
The People Now
Matthew Martinek
John Q. Public
Swing Stuff, Inc.
Electronic Blue
Mark Corradetti
Stinktier & Honig

#audioburger #rangotehdog #thepeoplenow #johnqpublic #indie #comedy #interview #progressiverock #seattle #asylum


soundcloud direct:

The People Now are:

The People Now

The People Now

With Jonny Smokes,  Timothy KarmanGarth Hockersmith and Dagna Silesia.

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