Rango Unmuzzled #51: Area 51 – Spillover


Rango Unmuzzled - Area 51

Rango Unmuzzled – Area 51

Rangounmuzzled Episode 51: Area 51 – Spillover

#rangothedog brings a sampler of artists from 50 episodes and spotlights some of this season’s world premieres. Celebrating the birthday of Whiskey Tex and one year of shows. Featuring the unmuzzled artistry of:

JC Flow
Janey Neal
Quick Wicked
Timothy Bennett-Smith‘s CIVILIZED TEARS
Jack Mustard
Budd Zunga
MikeWhite Presents
Jenni French
Joel A Heslop‘s mr spoon
Barry Burford‘s Digital Skunk
Stinktier & Honig
Ben Badenhorst
John Q. Public
Simon James White / SjW
The Starving Artists
The Mothership

(Whiskey Tex gets robbed in the end)

#audioburger #rangothedog #whiskeytex #indierock #area51

The AudioBurger

The AudioBurger



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