Rango Unmuzzled: Episode 57 – Crimea River

Episode 57 - Crimea River

Episode 57 – Crimea River

Rangounmuzzled #57 – Crimea River

Rango pops one off about revolution in the Ukraine and delivers commentary on three stories of police brutality in the United States circulating in the media this week.

Note the views expressed here are exclusively those of show host #rangothedog. They do not represent the views of Audioburger, the other presenters there, or this week’s unmuzzled artists.

Featuring the music of:

Quick Wicked
JC Flow
Jack Mustard
Ben Badenhorst
Steve Costello
Coroner for the Police
Johndus Beckman
Jed McConkey
The Mothership

The AudioBurger

The AudioBurger

The Starving Artists
Jonny Smokes
The People Now
Simon James White‘s SjW
More Starving Artists
Steve Gardner and The Condition
Janey Neal
Barry Digitalskunk Burford‘s Digital Skunk
Stintier & Honig
Joel A Heslop‘s mr spoon
Matthew Meadows / Stuart Epps / John Marter
Tink the Hummingbird
#audioburger #indie #ukraine #policebrutality #policestate

Originally broadcast LIVE at The Audioburger 03/23/2014

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