kill a bunny for ratings – why Radio24syv must go

an open letter to Radio24syv:

One DJ with balls, zero dead rabbits.

One DJ with balls, zero dead rabbits.

killing a baby rabbit might be appropriate for a hunting show. but in a culture where millions of people love them as pets it’s morally equivalent to killing a puppy for ratings, then feeding it to your children and claiming you didn’t.

( yes they fed the baby bunny to their children )

do people kill and eat dogs? yes they do. rabbits too. most people in our culture do not regard this as entertaining. if ‪Radio24syv‬ really wanted to demonstrate cultural hypocrisy they should have killed and eaten a dog. wouldn’t that have carried even more shock value and demonstrated our cultural hypocrisy around meat?

but in what can be described as one of the biggest blindspots in the history of internet failure, by not killing & eating a dog on the air to demonstrate their point these idiots demonstrated both epic hypocrisy and cowardice that will be their redeeming legacy.

to fire everybody involved, just find another radio station.

What does he know?

What does he know?

it’s the wrong show. nobody wants that. it lacks class and professionalism and fails to acknowledge the cultural background of the listening demographics. so it’s both a business failure and an artistic failure. and it reveals that Radio24syv shouldn’t be in business at all.

here’s the debate fallacy, my appeal to authority. what do i know about comedy, entertainment & rabbits? if you’re reading this it’s a rhetorical question, otherwise google that shit.

my closest companion in life and best anchor to sanity is a 4lb holland lop named ‪#‎turktherabbit‬, smart as any dog.  he knows a dozen words. he sleeps in my bed, he follows me around, and his favorite pastime is to hide under the bed like hobbes then rush out & surprise me so i’ll make kind remarks about how fast & scary he is.

Turk the Rabbit

Turk the Rabbit

he likes music in C-Major & G-Major the best, and he paws at my guitar when he wants me to play.

i hope the entire industry blacklists radio24syv and everybody in the chain of command involved in this abject failure to entertain, inform, or enlighten. actual entertainment is hard. leave it to the professionals.


please join the petition to presenter asger juhl fired:

One thought on “kill a bunny for ratings – why Radio24syv must go

  1. This radio show needs to be shut down. This was a terrible evil act performed upon a defenceless creature purchased from a pet shop. The perpetrators are beneath contempt, are evil and are a danger to any living creature which is vulnerable, animal or human. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I cold spit. The station needs to be closed down.


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