5 vectors of internet angst

burning up, live on the internet

burning up, live on the internet

5 vectors of internet angst:

LinkedIn suggests i might know the object of my ex-wife’s affections, 7 years later. i had forgotten the name, thank you very much, now i will never forget it again. also: ex-girlfriends, had forgotten them, too, because “girlfriend” was my word not hers, or she moved out. but you’re right i know her. technopolis now, i guess we’re linked forever.

GooglePLUS i see dead people. and ex-girlfriends. i rarely use their facebook clone, it’s about 1% of my social traffic, so every time i login i see the last messages from people that have died the last couple years and the moment the last women i lived with said goodbye are in my face. over and over again, since no new traffic appears on this channel. it’s the ‪#‎groundhog‬ day of my zeitgeist.

Skype: i see fired people. and ex-girlfriends. so many of us had existing skype handles when we joined our last couple of jobs (from microsoft to my favorite startup, ‪#‎koverse‬), we never changed them. so after people got fired, quit, or simply left for greener pastures, we stayed connected. including the‪#‎princessBride‬ who sent me pirating two years ago & only checks in enough to let me worry about her.

rango, somewhat televised \m/

rango, somewhat televised \m/

‪#‎bandpages‬: Matthew Meadows Music / Rangounmuzzled. i see predators, stalkers, dead people, fired people, and ex-girlfriends. and so do all my administrators & page owners and webelves. seriously, please stop doing that. the quintessential example is stalkers that leave posts on your YouTubechannel (you know the ones that robbed me of all compensation for life byAdSense) while you were just trying to share a video, and then they message the band page not realizing or caring that a) the entire public just saw it, but not necessarily me and b) i have a volunteer staff that manage these pages, or in some cases i’m not the owner, i’m the volunteer staff myself (see ‪#‎rangounmuzzled‬).

“:-o” – three months later

‪#‎identity‬: i see ex-girlfriends. can we please stop? i get your point. somebody at work gave me a link to a document so it logged into my Google Apps /Google Drive page and lo & behold there was a blistering, damning & in all manners excoriating document from my ex-girlfriend, 4 years old, personal business all up in my face when i was looking for a corporate video. right in the mix, my personal documents & my corporate documents. holy shit.

delete / delete / delete


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