codewars: threat model

dr. martin sawyermartin: miss morozova.

alexandra.: dr. sawyer.

martin: i prefer martin, thank you.

alexandra: certainly, thank you martin.  i prefer dr. morozova.

martin: ah, of course you do.  i’m sorry sasha, i didn’t realize it had been that long.  congratulations, then.  phd’s are all the rage with geopolitical script kiddies these days but try not to get drunk on power until you’ve done it the old-fashioned way.

alexandra: that is the old-fashioned way.

martin: cheers then.  we should be celebrating your success.  please, sit down.  cocktail? vodka?

alexandra: don’t be diminishing.

martin: i didn’t take you for a tequila girl.

alexandra: dr. sawyer.

martin: don’t be rude.

alexandra: you asked me to come here.

martin: to the USA?

alexandra: to your lab.

martin: of course i did.  sasha what is your fundamental hypothesis?

alexandra: i’m sorry?

moon over st. petersburgmartin: Саша, что ваш фундаментальной гипотезы?

alexandra: you read the dissertation.

martin: i want you tell me in one sentence.

alexandra: the foreign asset closure in your emergent threat model carries a risk factor.

martin: i read that part.

alexandra: what is your question?

martin: does it have a name?

alexandra: i’m sorry?

martin: the risk factor.

alexandra: martin, you’re drunk.

martin: not yet. look at me.

alexandra: no name.

martin: ok.  such a sweet girl.

alexandra: you messaged me.  why am i here?

martin: you really are sweet.

alexandra:  your precious closure is about to blow up in your face.

martin: this is a machine learning facility, hyperbole doesn’t work here.

alexandra: you are not sober.

martin: and you are not credible.  your dissertation reads like a marketing brochure.

alexandra:  i was optimistic when i came here.  i expected to work with you, but i will work against you.

martin.  as much as i like your angle, i need to pee.

alexandra: what?

martin: don’t posture with me.  if you don’t mind.

codewars: emergentalexandra: dr. sawyer.

martin: my father grew up in the first cold war and i survived the second.  the closure is for my kids.  now i have to pee & you’re in my way.

alexandra: are you kidding?

martin: your cohorts will never touch this ontology.  look at me.

alexandra: you are not safe.  i’m going to shut you down.

martin: ok, brava.  now look at me.  get out out of my way.

alexandra: dr. sawyer.

martin: sasha.

[ credits ]

script by Matthew Meadows & Anastasia Levina

featured photo by Kurt Clark

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