Let it be Done

Let’s all have reasoned, polite debate about the imperative of the 2nd Amendment on social media while we pile up bodybags full of children like nowhere else in the world. Send thoughts & prayers & money to the NRA – National Rifle Association of America. Solid plan if you’re a politician, evil, or socially maladaptive & indifferent to the statistically outlying fatality rates & constant media pulse of US school children getting shot to death while they’re attending class & their parents are at work.  Live video from smartphones as kids are getting murdered is now a repeating artificact of our news.  It’s almost a cliche.  It’s newsy.
“I’ll be glad when it’s summer so I don’t have to worry about being shot” – student overheard on Twitter
Easiest guy to assasinate in the world.

The easiest guy to assasinate in the world.

Alternate plan: cut these people out of your life. Drag ’em & bag ’em. Change the culture. Get rid of them from your world. Say goodbye. Drag them on social media for their participation in a collective horror show indifferent to hate, never speak to them again unless they acknowledge they’re part of the problem & come into the fold. It’s a cultural phenomenon unique to America. We’re the only ones killing our children & making excuses. Everywhere in the world people play video games, struggle with mental illness & have emotional disorders.  They take the same medicines, they are subject to the same conditions.  People have been subject to horrible treatment from shitty families & bad governments throughout time. Nowhere else has this problem. It’s uniquely American. We have magazines devoted to it with hot girls in fuck-me pumps. At Walmart, which  enriched the most extravagantly, disgustingly wealthy family in history, you can buy the magazine and the gun and the ammo. 1/2 the government is paid for by it, mostly GOP & a subculture that literally pleasures themselves to it. Guns are sexy to them.

Millions of people in this nation born of violence & genocide.  Thus the bodybags full of children and the people that would die for them.  Their would-be teachers but they are dead.

It’s not a foregone conclusion that this is our future but you have to be brave enough to change it.  You have to make it so.  Say goodbye to gun culture in your life. Block them, divorce them, get rid of them. Shun them. It’s hard at first but it gets easier. Eventually you’ll find it satisfying because you know you’ll be on the right side of history when the final tally of bodybags from the small fraction of Americans that own & love their guns is measured against the cost of our dead children.

Let it be done.

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