Stupid Thinks it’s Smart

Just went a few rounds with a Trump supporter defending all those creepy pictures of Trump & Ivanka as a young girl. I presented that uncomfortable photo of him kissing her with an open mouth as an adult.

In the course of the thread she made fun of handicapped children and autism, called me an idiot and retarded. How does a person even develop such corrosion of character, so much rot in their moral fiber. I can only wonder.

Evil doesn’t know it’s evil and stupid thinks it’s smart. That’s basically the Trump kakistochracy clown car in a nutshell. It’s pretty much the same every time. They can’t defend their argument so they resort to childish insults just like President Super Duper Missile. Libtard. Sheeple.

I’ve been insulted by them thousands of times but have never seen a coherent argument. Not once in the last four years. My patience is the poster boy for ADHD so I lay it on them, give them a zesty sendoff and block them. 2,000+ blocks since 2016. PSA from Sir BlocksAlot:

<<kapow >>

(Sidebar: after you block someone you still get notifications of people’s reactions so you can bask in the warm afterglow of your burn)

The rest of the world sees Trump for the vile, ignorant man-child he is but his supporters don’t. Because they’re just like him. In fact they envy him. He told America in 2016 he “loves the uneducated” and they lined up and had a parade.

It’s repulsive and sad. It’s a post-American world with 94,000 citizens dead in 4 months, a crippled economy and a navy on its knees. Yet they still worship him, they defend him. Rationalizing with that level of cognitive dissonance apparently soaks up all the oxygen in their shriveled, self-righteous brains.

Eric Trump is still calling it a hoax. They’re blaming Democrats and Obama, so no change there even though Obama left them a pandemic response playbook and Trump dismantled the CDC pandemic response team in 2018.

But it’s definitely Obama’s fault, he left them error prone test kits for a virus that wouldn’t exist for another four years. And he’s black, so it’s definitely his fault. They trash Obama and make dehumanizing homophobic slurs and childish transexual jokes about Michelle. Trump would be proud.

Obama and Michelle are two of the most respected people in the country and they deserve it. They’ve earned it, sharp tan suit and all. They are exemplary models of competency and family values. Obama is one of the greatest orators on the planet and he gave Trump serious carpet burn last week so no doubt the Trump cult hates him even more now. If that is even possible.

Trump has so much blood on his hands they can never be washed. Everyone that supports him has bloody hands too, but they think they’re clean. Stupid thinks it’s smart.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Thinks it’s Smart

  1. His supporters feel he’s not responsible for anything, All of the non thinkers are also NARCISSIST to the core


  2. Absolutely. Whom ever becomes president, needs to serve the people 100%. That would be the welcome change and challenge to Joe. He is a good man, if he can keep from caving to the “Status Quo!” If anyone would be good for America, it is for sure Biden. Vote Blue and flush out the Varmine.


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