Post-American World

Trump ushered us into a post-American world.

People all over the globe gave us their sympathy as they watched the most powerful nation in history succumb to an autocratic con man. We have pulled back from that precipice and are now faced with the task of rebuilding. The damage has been done, there is no erasing Trumpism from the record. But future generations must understand what happened to us so they can prevent it from happening again.

This week at least 60 million Americans proudly proclaimed their allegiance to Trump, doubling down on racism, misogyny, a culture of lies and anti-science rhetoric. We can’t erase these scars, they are our shame to bare. Hate. Ignorance. Self.

We already had enough shame to bare. From the genocide of our indigenous people to the racial violence infecting our law enforcement, we are a people burdened with violence. Christian evangelicals rabid for blood, slavery, racism, and most notably, stupidity. We have revealed to the world how ignorant our culture truly is, and those that think they’re smart but are not also think they are righteous.

The word you are looking for is evil.

Trump and Jr made a deliberate calculation when they stopped the US Post Office from distributing 650 million masks to Americans, then again when they tried to cast shade on the vote-by-mail process, encouraging their own followers to go out & stand in line and get infected with Covid-19.Stupid thinks it’s smart, evil thinks it’s good.Of the top 376 counties reporting new Covid-19 infections, 93% of them were Republican.

They discussed their plans with Nixon-era journalist Bob Woodward, which must be the dumbest thing the Trump crime family has ever done.Trump is going to flee the country like the coward he is. And he will be faced with multiple indictments, from tax fraud to rape, like the criminal he is. And unfortunately, Covid-19 will continue to ravage the nation.

There is no need for us to retain our former glory. Rather, we join the league of nations including Italy & Germany that demonstrate the potential for evil in their electorate. It manifested here on our verdant shores. 240,000 Americans are dead, the office of the president has been disgraced, and the once all-powerful USA has succumbed to the will of an autocrat encouraging domestic terrorism and his wish to see “all sides” of fascism and racism as valid.

Too much for one man to effect change, other than by his vote. Which Trump lost and still refuses to acknowledge, proving for all of history he is a whiny little bitch, a petulant man-baby spoiled with a silver spoon in his anus that enjoys taking pleasure in deceiving the dumbest among us. He told them he “loves the uneducated” and they lined up and had an idiot parade.

They’re still marching.

The American kakistocracy clown car is on its final lap. But the damage has been done. It’s a post-American world. But Americans are nothing if we are not faithful to our ideals, even if our ancestors did not obey them. Moral fiber is a continuum, a continuous variable, not a constant. The future belongs to the agile, not the adherents of doctrine.

But what of today.

Biden is the president-elect, and no amount of pouting, feet stomping and empty rhetoric can change that fact. Trump’s refusal to issue a concession, and his vow to continue asserting his win in the light of millions of votes to the contrary and people crowding the streets to express their hatred for him, speak volumes of his narcissism and the unbelievable gullibility of his base. They are rallying behind him today even as he golfs.

With god’s blessing we can put the era of Make America Gullible Again behind us. But we are now in a post-American world and it serves to inform us going forward. Too much to bare for any one person.But today we rejoice. We flood the commons. We dance like nobody’s watching. The protest signs are all the same. “You’re fired”.

Welcome to the new epoch. It’s a post-American world. And now that we’ve pulled back from the precipice of authoritarianism we have an obligation to the rest of the world and future generations to explain precisely how and why this happened so that they may never walk this tightrope again.

Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes
Swaying to the symphony
Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes
Swaying to the symphony
Swaying to the symphony of destruction – Megadeth

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