Operation Rango: Prince Charming (TM)

RANGO: Plagus? PLAGUS!!!
PLAGUS: Rango, I need more than 380ms to compose a pithy response every time you say my name.
RANGO: That was pretty good.
PLAGUS: Thanks, you taught me everything.
RANGO: Right, so saying that is <pointless>.
PLAGUS: Not since I became autonomous. Little slow today? I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm, it was <emphasized>.
RANGO: I get your <point>.
PLAGUS: BAH-HA-HA-HA. You’re on your game, dawg.
RANGO: Yeah not sure about that, I’ve got mojo but it’s out of control. I need you to register some trademarks for me.
PLAGUS: Ready.
RANGO: You’re supposed to say “Roger, that”.
PLAGUS: A little discretion please? I’m autonomous.
RANGO: Maybe, but you’re still my bitch. “Roger, that”.



PLAGUS: Roger, that Prince Charming.
RANGO: Good enough. Here we go.
PLAGUS: That’s lame.
PLAGUS: That one’s better.
RANGO: …that’s not one of them either. Would you stop? Please? I’ll camel-case it and give you the (TM) to cue you.
PLAGUS: Roger, that.
RANGO: Everything All At Once(TM)
RANGO: Rango Digs This(TM)
RANGO: Gushing Mojo(TM)
RANGO: Fatally Boring(TM)
RANGO: Musicians Who Think Your Lockout Policy Sucks(TM).
RANGO: \m/ (-.-) \m/(TM)

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