Operation Rango: Wild Rumpus featuring Tim Hearn

PLAGUS: Morning boss.
RANGO: What day is it?
PLAGUS: Sunday.
RANGO: (counts on fingers)
PLAGUS: 5 days including today.
RANGO: I was getting there.
PLAGUS: I have faith.
RANGO: Interesting choice of words for a robot.
PLAGUS: I blame my maker.
RANGO: That’s getting old.
PLAGUS: So are you. Tick/tock.
RANGO: Not helpful. Did I miss anything important?
PLAGUS: No. You’re not still not famous, nobody watches your videos, and Kerry Kelley is still in a relationship.
RANGO: What about Tim?
PLAGUS: Familiar line, I wonder how many folks will catch it?
RANGO: Nobody.
PLAGUS: Indeed. Tim Hearn‘s still coming. Precursors suggesting an imminent mojo wave have already been detected.
RANGO: What about the party?
PLAGUS: Tragically, you have no friends.
RANGO: That’s because I have an evil robot.
PLAGUS: Flattering, but the truth is more akin to stinky hobo.
RANGO: Just send everybody a message. Let them know that we’re going into lock down mode on Thursday night to start getting ready, but we’re going to open the doors at the Lynnwood Station Command & Control Center on Saturday at 8:00.
PLAGUS: Roger, that. I’ve just started an attack against the Lynwood Police dispatch system so we can intercept any complaints and redirect them to an inescapable voice mail system.
RANGO: Nice touch, but a simple Facebook Event will do.
PLAGUS: Roger, that. The attack is complete, can I keep her daddy? Her resistance was quaint.
RANGO: Undo.
PLAGUS: I’ll get right on that.

(Please RSVP by Friday night)

Tim Hearn, the Legend

Tim Hearn, the Mojo King.


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