Indie Music War: 2012

omg. WHAT IF THEY’RE RIGHT? what if the big labels that have choked the industry and failed to adapt to the internet in a timely fashion because they were too busy hoarding their precious mountains of gold are actually right? what if folks like John Summersand Lacy Darryl Phillips and Morbid North are all wrong and the 1,000 or so musicians that sold enough CD’s to make a living on it <really><are><the><best>.


Man, I don’t have a TV, and I pretty much stopped listening to commercial radio two years ago when I discovered Indie music. We gotta figure out a way to monetize more effectively but I think it’s a solvable problem. Some you are doing it. Guys that are selling beats figured it out…(note: Rango’s Riff Shack is past the concept stage (oops: loops & samples in multiple keys, multiple sounds, multiple riffs, all rango, all free to recycle for $1)), but at the end of the day I’d put up the top 1,000 Indies against pretty much any of the top 1,000 big label acts any day.

We could even have a few concerts to prove it.  (or not, it would be a blast either way)…Just saying….

Matthew at the Temple of Zither, sans Head

The zither lopped off Matthew’s head in the first couple notes.

One observation: Indies are constant entertainment. It’s not just music, it’s like Bands on Parade(TM) around here, but none of them live in ivory towers so it’s more interesting because it’s easier to relate to.

WANTED: Ivory Tower(TM).

The bands that are really working it bring a lot of entertainment value to the music, particularly since most of it is free although it costs thousands to produce :-(. And some of us really go out of our way to make the interaction here part of the product and integral to the media. Artists that do that include Matthew Meadows Music,Kara JohnstadAmber Bird, and countless others. Why? BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME.

WHAT ABOUT THE DEMI-GODS? you say…the Vai’s and the Satriani’s and the VanHalens, they’ll take your head first and then just Grendel it nom nom.

YOU KNOW WHAT? That hurts, ouch, definitely prefer the headed version of me, and i’ve lost my head in a duel so I know this, too…we’re going to take some casualties…but WE’VE GOT SUPERHEROES, TOO. You just don’t know their names, but I know a few of them and I’ve pointed a few out. Guitar Jack on YouTube comes to mind (reference needed), he’s completely alien. Speaking of aliens, ED To ShredKatsumi YoshiharaRick Rousseau, etc…we’ve got ’em, baby…

We gotta take back this industry.  It’s a crying shame.

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