Operation Rango: Sling Baby

I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest Operation Rango episode, Sling Baby.  Our hero forgets his ATM card and tries to get a free lunch.  He ends up getting served baby soup and learning a little something about the power of mojo….

Here was my last Facebook post:

Operation Rango: Sling Baby’s seen 180+ views on Fandalism in the first 1/2 day or so…extremely high engagement metrics on Youtube…a dancing baby…lots of laughs and the highest Like/View ratio of any video I’ve made to date…somewhat shreddy…

\m/ (-.-) \m/

Sling Baby Title 1

Sling Baby Title 

If you like it, if it gives you joy, please share it on your wall or somebody else’s.


Fandalism’s a more fun environment to watch it in because then you can just stay in Fandalism and watch other music videos.  For those who prefer the YouTube experience, with endless noise in the form of non-music related videos thrown in, you can get your tube on here:


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