My Life as a Musical – Pawn Shopping

Best part of Pawn Shopping – the whisper quiet that overcame the shop when I started playing Smokehouse on that dobro. The action was so low, they’re usually so high (for slide). Everybody stopped and the owner and came and sat down. He’s an industry expat, used to work sound on Van Halen tours. We chatted it up, he complimented me on my playing and encouraged me to continue, so I obliged. When I walked out the door the employees were all at the cash register watching Check 1,2 and I was like “my work here is done” and then \m/ and 😀 and gone, baby…but not before Larry the sales guy savagely had his way with me…big, fat resonator on that thing…oh man…guitar porn, baby…

(pictured: Required Viewing(TM))

\m/ (-.-) \m/ Yet Another Surreal Moment (TM)


(pictured: Not a Dobro(TM).  However, some fine guitar hero action, acoustic-wise)

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