My Life as a Musical – Throne of Kings

Perhaps junior could use his own rocking chair. He’s somewhat lacking in mojo from too much gaming.

Lucky chair.

Lucky Chair
What’s going on? I’ve just replaced the Smokehouse chair. You know, the lucky chair? I was thrift storing it and ended up at St. Vincent de Paul in Lynnwood, WA. Nice, sturdy rocking chair, seat about 3 inches thick, black with gold leaf and flowers painted on it. Thing weighs about 30lbs. Why? Because this one is on the verge of coming apart, and when I actually turn around and finish the Smokehouse video and dance in front of the reel that some of you have seen, I’m going to need it to able to support my entire body without the threat of imminent collapse. It was originally marked $99 but discounted to $50 to move it and then they were having 1/2 off sale today so it walked into my car for $25.Lucky chair.

\m/ (-.-) \m/

Throne of Kings and the Janitor

Throne of Kings and the Janitor

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