Operation Rango: Google Ad-Nonsense

Listening to Sweet Davis opening today’s killer live show.  Amazing music.  Reputation RadioShow host John Summers and creepy-clown genius Pete RingMaster join forces with the regrettable duo of Paul Holden and the janitor at Matthew Meadows Music.  If memory serves it’s a politically incorrect train wreck of social malfeasance.


This was my message to Google AdSense today:

Thanks for your efforts to destroy my business by blocking my AdSense compensation for life with no appeal.  How tragically arrogant of you.  My public message to you was broadcast today on the Reputation Radio Show.  It’s a few months late but hopefully you’ll get the point.  Thousands of people did on Facebook and Twitter on the live stream, and you guys are clearly villains here.  Nice job.  Fortunately you can access the poddie here and explain to everybody how this makes sense:



For those who missed the original summary of this on Facebook, here it is, the short version:

Ok, enough. I’m so tired of bad news. I just got a nasty email from Google AdSense indicating I’ve been revoked from their compensation program for my YouTube videos. After careful consideration (note dripping sarcasm), my appeal was rejected almost immediately. Unlike say, in cases of <murder> or <rape>, the ban is for life and they won’t tell me the reason or provide any urls or evidence, only that they suspect “invalid clicks” on some of their ads/videos (not sure which). I’ve sampled a lot of promotional programs over the last few months and I suspect more than one of them has used a robot, but I have no way to find out whom. Obviously, robots don’t help me and the amount of money you pay for promotional services dwarfs by many orders of magnitude the money you get paid by Youtube. Obviously. I mean it’s obvious, right? IT’S OBVIOUS, RIGHT?

Of course, if you pay ReverbNation or Facebook for your ads, you’re golden. You’ll get robbed, but you’ll be in Google’s good graces. So you guys just keep doing that but I’ll never do it again, I’ve seen through that fraud.

I’m pissed. I can live without the $8 I made from YouTube so far, but there’s a principal at stake. I’m a musical artist trying to get some visibility, not a con artist or spammer and I’m really fucking sick of getting treated like one. Really sick of it. Really fucking sick of Facebook treating musicians like criminals and locking them out for clicking on the Add Friend button that they gave me to click on. And now Google waving their heavy hand over my pathetic little videos (please fire that intern and hire someone capable of actual research) and locking me out of compensation I rightfully deserve. I’ll continue to appeal, and I’ll bitch until the cows come home, and then when I’ve got everybody’s attention I’ll bitch some more. Either that or shut up and move to Vimeo (haha, oh pathetic).  I’ve already created my account there. In fact, for now that’s my only option.

Really sick of it.   There is supposed to be music around here but now all I hear is bullshit.

Good night. Y’all carry on.


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