Seattle Music’s 2012 Jam Competition

…i tend to avoid political & religious discussions, i rarely vote, and i don’t have a tv…but i was listening to NPR on the way home and the debates came on. after I got over the shock that Mitt Romney was actually the Republican candidate for president and not just the opening act i heard the following:

Matthew Meadows

Matthew Meadows

“i like coal” – mitt romney

“i also like big bird…” – mitt romney (slams spending on PBS, which he easily could have done without naming a beloved character that 1/2 the listening audience grew up with)

“you spent like 50 years worth of investment on solar & wind in one year” – mitt romney, to obama

“uh-huh” – obama (did he nod & do this \m/? it was radio, dunno)

“if you take out 5 trillion dollars and don’t increase the revenue, you have to take it out of education and (etc)” – obama, as he proceeds to take apart mitt romney’s plan <again>.

…and then there was this:


…mitt romney just let obama make up stuff about gutting education without suggestion there might be other places to come up with the money. it’s as if he wasn’t even listening to the answers.

(palm slap, returns to Rangosphere & straps on Fiona Fender. it’s better not to know)

Now that i’ve got your attention, DON’T FORGET TO LISTEN TO Seattle Music’s broadcast starting at 7:55 — JUST MINUTES FROM NOW — and VOTE FOR YOUR POLITICALLY DISENFRANCHISED BUDDY RANGO as his song Smokehouse goes up for a chance to play live on stage. You have to listen, and they’ll give out a secret word that I cannot repeat here, and then vote.

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