My Life As a Musical: Seattle Wave Radio’s 2012 Jam Competition

So, thanks to the participation of a few close fans I’ve managed to get a spot on stage at the The High Dive on Oct. 19th.  This was how the crew at Seattle Wave Radio announced it:

Well listeners: we have a winner! *da da da da da* and the winner is; MATTHEW MEADOWS! Congratulations, Matthew! So all of you out there ~ get ready to have your faces melted at The High Dive on Oct. 19th ’cause that show is gonna ROCK Fremont!! 
Thank you to PAULY, Cool Water and Down North for participating. Hope all of you have had a great time listening to some amazing Seattle music!

Agreed, I really enjoyed the show.  The play by play was all on Facebook and revealed the joy in the experience of the music.  It was all great stuff and my only wish is that more people could have heard it.

With regards to the song I’m playing, Smokehouse, I had the following to say before the broadcast:


here’s Smokehouse, the song in question, from producer Stuart Epps with support from musician John Marter.

here’s Smokehouse, the original acoustic demo presented to Stuart.  this is somewhat akin to how i’ll play it on the 19th.

there are extensive Smokehouse Variations present here, a long extend jam captured live busking in downtown Seattle:

here’s some serious, heart-felt Smokehouse variations, practice with a fussy dobro and excessive Skype & Facebook interruptions, originally written on a piano:

this entire video is laced with imagery and themes from Smokehouse:

this video, from Into the Snow II: This is not Empire, features the Smokehouse riff from the infamous Tammie mix (not presented here)

(etc, and so forth)

\m/ (-.-) \m/

full story here:

and finally, please

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