My Life as a Musical: #6 Seattle Metal (with a Bullet)

One of you just became friend number 2,500. I believe it wasTizzy Shearer. Also, I’m #6 Seattle Metal with a bullet:

Chasing the #5 slot with Michael Wilton of Queensryche | Seattle, WA who is currently #265 in the US Metal. Pretty sure that’s one dude that doesn’t need to pay for Facebook promotions. I’m way out at #308 but went up 5 spots yesterday alone. I’m not paying for promotions, either.

Rango getting risky dancing on the wire. From Into the Snow II: This is Not Empire.

What’s the change? I’ve started cross-posting over at Matthew Meadows Music <as> Matthew Meadows Music. Normally I share to there from my personal profile page, and it does not end up visible to people in their streams or when they first go to the band page. Posting there directly as M3 also let’s me see how many people view each post, typically in the neighborhood of dozens but sometimes hundreds. Note this is per post on the music page, which only has 1/5 the eyeballs of my personal page (2,000 OF YOU, NO LOVE FOR THE BAND PAGE??), so multiply it sometimes dozens of times a day and yes I’m reaching you with thousands of impressions each day…potentially more than a million eyeballs…and my Klout and similar metrics prove this out.

And if you’ve noticed I’ve been posting copiously, you’re right. Apologies if you have a small number of friends on your feed. Try not to puke, change the channel, and don’t hesitate to unfriend if you’re just getting sick of it. I’m hitting different demographics with different campaigns in different markets and different time zones over the course of the day, 24/7, and signalling to people all over the world. The folks that like Sling Baby are not necessarily the folks that like Texas Dub / The Pope. Mix in the fact that the Aussies and Indonesia are coming home from work a few hours from now, then the UK wakes up…


Time for dinner, and then a late shift at the most interesting social network experience in the world, Microsoft FUSE Labs Socl.


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