50th Post: Etherati

etherati – people of the ether.  from my interview with Aaron Joy:

AJ: Etherati [/eth er ati/], if I’m even pronouncing it correctly, what does it mean?

MATTHEW: Sure. It’s another word that I made up. I’ve been pronouncing it /ee ther ati/.

AJ: Okay.

MATTHEW: But, I’ve heard a lot of people say /eth er ati/.

Matthew Meadows - Etherati Blue

Matthew Meadows – Etherati Blue

AJ: Well, I’m a bit dyslexic, so, excuse me.

MATTHEW: I’m just happy to hear people say it! It’s surreal to me. But, here is the meaning of the word. The etherati are those figments of memory that you have. The people that are represented by those memories after they’ve died, those are your etherati. So, in my life, I’ve had a handful of people that were very close to me, that I loved deeply, that I’ve lost & I find myself having these haunting conversations with them when I’m all by myself that I can remember in absolute vivid detail. So I came up with this term to kind of describe these kind of ephemeral spirited memories that are … they’re something more than ordinary memories, but there’s not a word in our language that would describe them. Because, when your mind is left to wander you can almost have conversations with these people. So, they are my etherati.


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