My Life as a Musical: Pantless

so i dressed like an idiot all day. fell asleep in my rango gear very late last night, woke up late and immediately, broke yet another mirror trying to catch the bloop at my workstation in the dark and then couldn’t find my pants. so, right, barefoot in the dark with the broken mirror, my last one, and no pants…any port in a storm, right?

i grab the first pair of jeans i can find and put them on, which was not easy. the LKG pair (Last Known Good) was and is <still> in the wash (i’ll get right on that). the others are scattered about upstairs, or in the garage. (sadly, i never unpacked into my own house). fortunately i bought some extra jeans at goodwill for the modeling shoot and they were still in the bag so i put them on and split.
i was running late but before i got out of the driveway i realized they were the pair that was “too short, but good for wearing inside your boots if you don’t want them all baggy in the leg”. remember, they were bought for a photo shoot, not to be practical. meanwhile i’ve got my dancing shoes on and no socks, canvas shoes with no sole in the arch, and of course it’s pouring rain out…

…at the Microsoft campus, where folk tend not to dress like idiots.

flood city

^^^ those jeans. wanted: ark, woman, sampling of species

so, yes, looking like a complete tool <all><day>, pretty much Skippy the Twerp, including right now. but i’ve come full circle, i’m home again (TRAFFIC!!!) and i’m getting out of this chair and gonna ditch these pants and do some dancing and practice Friday’s set for my neighbors. just as soon as i find my shorts :-D.


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