Operation Rango: A Tale of Three Popes

so tonight i released The Pope – Purple, a raw take of my guitar solo The Pope.  racking up 150 plays in the first hour, i started with this:

This is the Purple take of The Pope, one of the mixes Whiskey Tex heard before the song was officially canonized in Texas Dub / The Pope (uncut). It’s too fast, somewhat hyper, and distinctly purple.

The Pope – Purple

Rango moments before The Pope - Purpleish

Rango moments before The Pope – Purpleish

however, i was ready with the follow-up:

while some 150 folks have getting exposed to The Pope in the first hour, it’ already old old hat to many of you. in fact here is the previous take, one i call Hat Dance. still to come: Detroit, baby.


since i like to say this sometimes:

“triple” – rango, Operation Rango: Check 1,2 – The Final Cut

…i decided to toss the one out again because after listening to the others, including the as-yet unreleased Detroit mix, i’ve started to concede this one’s going to be hard to beat.  this was the post (and thanks, guys.  those comments on my Fandalism profile are just awesome to see and very, very generous):


Whiskey Tex & Rango the Dog

Tex just bought my guitar and saved my ass.

so Purple, the HatDance, and Detroit. 3 Popes, all quite fancy but none of them all that great. Part of a continuous sequence of 30 hours of playing that damn song, 10 hours of it captured on audio. i’ve presented to you the best 10 minutes of them, spunky but missing something. as in, another guitarist. cue the lights, enter Whiskey Tex. The pope shows up about 6:20, and he’s not Purple, HatDance, or Detroit, he’s just <the> pope and he’s likely in the company of a small legion of bloody paladins. (they just ring the bells and chimes for dramatic effect right before the head-crushing begins. have you seen my mace, btw)?


some six minutes and change of southern rock riffage, pure improv, that slowly builds to six minutes and change of my Sunday Best(TM) neoclassical shred. Tex got my Les Paul and he showed up with mojo in a vial, the kind you keep on a shelf for years, one solid lick, the first he’d ever shared with me. and i was just my hyperactive, uncontrollable self, so i busted out with <my> 15 year lick and if i do say so myself it was somewhat fancier.

texas dub / the pope (uncut)
\m/ (-.-) \m/

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