Operation Rango: Morbid North

Matthew Meadows – Smokehouse (also selling you jeans)

1/2 through the photos but 100% out of steam. 10:30 DING DING DING more lame than rock star but the bloop bloop starts hours before the sun comes up and i love you people, but i’m a tired dogg. r.dogg, actually, hat’s off to super-mom Amy Trout for the moniker, that’s the media arm of my business and 2nd order of priority tomorrow once these pictures are printed and delivered. my number one ass

et today: i know a lot of beautiful, talented people inclined to show me kindness. number two asset: i get 2-3 notifications a day from this modeling agency on my phone for voiceovers, acting opportunities, and modeling jobs. serious money there and i’ve been too busy to capitalize on it. time to work that thing, baby.

i am rango the dog \m/.

[stamp: r.dogg, esquire ]

PLAGUS: that’s not your name, and you’re not an esquire.
MONA: what’s an esquire?
RANGO: i have no idea, i thought it was an e-squire. i just want a squire, you know a little help around here with the dishes and facebook and shit? somebody to, you know, sheath the sword now and then? and help getting into/out of my body armor? it’s not easy being green. wait, perhaps Morbid North could help here. yo morbid:
MORBID: what the f*
RANGO: (does buddha) (-.-)
RANGO: i’m done \m/

\m/ (-.-) \m/

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