Monster Storm / Tiny Monsters

you all stay safe from that monster storm. i’d like this story to play out with a few tragic Facebook brown-outs and some interesting stories about canned food, nothing more. you know the drill, i’m not going to act like your dad. maybe add cash and a shotgun to the list, and something to toss at the zombies.

Imagehere’s to peace, hugs, soup and canned fruit. i was without power once in Seattle for 10 days and we spent so much time snuggled up under the blankets with my ex, i actually thought it would save our marriage. but you see there are monsters, and then there are monsters. the big ones are scary, but the tiny ones are the worst.

heal your heart, and watch for trolls. they tend to troll about during the worst of storms, those opportunistic bastards. if they demand toll, just blast them. you know you have blasters, right? they’re your words. try them, they’re awesome. watch:

pew pew pew


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