Operation Rango: Veteran’s Day 2012

morning, peeps. grey skies here and tough times for some of you, another day of waking up into a bad dream. it’s a familiar feeling.

but as bad as it is being unemployed and broke and sidelined by bipolar and ending up in this giant house alone, it’s not cancer, it’s not a child with a heart condition, and nobody’s going off to war. those things will truly challenge your faith (even if you don’t call it that). my kids are 15 minutes from here, probably ignoring their mom right now just as they would be ignoring me if they were here. and despite being alone i am never lonely (see: this page, almost famous, hummingbirds, etc). as for work, something’s coming my way, i can feel it.

i’ve been unemployed before, during times of divorce and around the time my dad died, and i always land on my feet. in fact, i’ve always parlayed it into something better. every time. this one’s just tricky because i’m actually switching careers, but i’ve done that before, too. i’m convinced that if you have reasonable talent and a decent portfolio that it’s a numbers game, you have to keep submitting and submitting and sending out resumes and cover letters and talking to people. all that is happening, i’ve probably got 30+ feelers out right now for acting/modeling/writing/music/voice opportunities. these things take time though, they have audition windows that extend six weeks out. and i’m still planning a commando mission to LA, provided my contact their ever returns to Facebook (hello?).

next up: graphic arts, and the RDogg Media portfolio featuring a gallery of the most amazing indie photographers and graphic artists on the web, and a mechanism to monetize their work and connect them with the musicians, real estate agents, and small business owners to improve their web presence. you people should be talking and $$ should be flowing, and not to the big image houses, right to the dudes with the cameras and the photoshops. but somehow i have a feeling that Mgr99 was right when she said “it just seems like you should be a musician”. it’s going to be something like that.

Mojo Lightning

Rango’s a lucky dude \m/.

so, a little levity. let me try to lighten your spirit and maybe it will lighten mine. let me massacre a proverb instead of the random grocery store cashier who pissed me off yesterday and got a face full of rango in front of the store this week (no regrets, but not one of my finer moments: i have worked as a grocery store cashier).

i’m reminded of the proverb of the monk who falls to his death from a towering cliff. on the way down he snatches a strawberry, and pops it into his mouth. his last thoughts before the lights went out were (massacre here): “amazing strawberry”

today: a little time for remembrance. then to clean my skunky body and my physical space. then i’m going to mix/record all day, and share songs, and listen to your tunes. and delete/delete/delete.

\m/ rango \m/

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