Operation Rango: Thanksgiving 2012

<best><thanksgiving><ever>. you might think yours was better, but i had dinner with Tim Hearn who dutifully accepted basting assignments from the lovely Rachel Jaimes Murray-Hearn while i rolled around on the floor and played Legos and toy cars with his four year old grandson. the kid proceeded to charm me stupid and showed uncanny dexterity strumming my guitar as i played Frankin, and he and his mom danced to Smokehouse. dinner was a <spread> and the turkey was perfect (i credit the immaculately timed basting).

Smokehouse Cabin composite based on the photographs of Priscilla Cantrell.

after that Tim and i got to jam for the first time after connecting online through our music almost two years ago. it was pure joy, and a privilege. the only thing missing was an entire weekend to keep on going. which we’re totally going to do next time. highlight of the evening was hearing him play Dobra the Pawnshop dobro and sing this song. after that i played smokehouse and he solo’d on his acoustic and it was like butter on my bread. Rachel proceeded to croon and vocalize like an old-school Appalachian wife and it brought me back to the hills of West Virginian watching uncle Earl play. we concluded the evening with an extended exploration of using chromatics to link Maj7 and dominant chords, somewhat jazzy, and than an impromptu song about pumpkin pie, complete with words, because music is magic. i couldn’t do it right now but at the time it was effortless. we laughed all day, and i left with a bucket of food.

see? mine was the best. definitely had a sweet soundtrack, it’s like a cliche a minute and totally sticky. brilliant 😀


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