love, a taste of pleasure, and sleep :-D


rango as simeon for sabrina random video frame20

in the same way it’s possible to hear things that other people are missing when you’re properly listening, and develop this capacity beyond your intrinsic ability, it’s possible to feel things that other people are missing when you’re properly open to it, and expand this ability by letting go of attachments and preconceptions. i can’t speak of knowledge per se, that’s a thing for skills, like guitars, computers, math and physics. but feelings and music, there’s a deep relationship there between this and that, and i can speak to it, though somewhat cryptically due to the shear complexity of the topic. it’s real, it’s measurable and deterministic at some level but paradoxically as elusive as quantifying love. i have a background in market research, computer programming, and applied statistics, and let me tell you emotions and music are both vexing and ephemeral as well as rational, structured, and based on mathematically tractable predicates and codified grammars. i’m starting to think i should get a college education and study music, but my cash burn rate and impossibly expensive mansion disagree.

my ears are tired. after listening, singing, mixing, doing voice-overs and then ye olde lather/rinse/repeat, all day long, i’m ready for a break and some quiet time for recovery. from the cilliae in your ear canal to the neural network that delivers their signals to your brain and the other network that interprets the signal, there’s a need for repair that’s hard to accurately factor into your own planning. but when you’re all tapped out there’s no way around the cold, hard fact of zero, and then the mystery and benefit of sleep raise their specters like so much, a taste of pleasure, and sleep, per chance, to dream. thanks, billy s.


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