Operation Rango: Risk

2486 views, let’s make it an even quarter shall we and call it my most successful video on fandalism to date.  a few little-known facts about the Risk video:

RiskTitle5a) the day it was posted, july 4th 2012, it was 2nd only to God Bless America on Fandalism.

b) the rainbow-colored concentric circles swirling around Plagus are actually a graphical map of the internet IP distribution tables (where he lives among you, reading your every email, sampling every second of your every phone/skype call to implicate you in anything he wants, forever Code Wars, baby \m/)c) it was made through a recursive process starting with a blue screen and playing a few notes, then finding a video clip to associate with it and projecting it on the wall, then reacting to the video clip and recording my reaction, then watching myself play to the clip, then finding the next clip and/or choosing the next few notes. all the while, dancing around in my basement.Risk-Screen10d) “a little dancing never hurt anything” – Plagus, Operation Rango: Check 1,2. there are actually two samples of the same guitar solo here, and the second one comes after the credits and includes more nutty dancing “on the tightrope”. the audio quality here is tragically poor but it’s the better of the two takes. unfortunately Rango blows it at the end, he even screams in case you missed the inappropriate and acoustically offensive shift in key signature (spoiler, sorry).

e) this video is part of Operation Rango: Into the Snow II, which has not been released yet due to actual insanity. the first take is actually one of the “LA Shredders” that shows up at his doorstep off of a helicopter the day Tim Hearn goes into the snow. the second is Rango blowing it while Clone1 reacts to to losing the head cutting duel in favor of LA and tries to deal with the takeover of one of his monitors as Plagus introduces the Apocalypse Conductor to literally start Rango’s visage on fire (see also: fire spell 3 – 10 seconds).

f) shortly after spending two months creating this video i left my job at Predixion Software and started on a precarious path that has brought me Extreme Unemployment(TM) and the verge of homelessness. such is Risk.


\m/ (-.-) \m/




…and the Risk lyrics are posted here (not present in the videos):


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