12/12/12: Welcome to The Zoen


learn to shred like rango 😀

Smokehouse-Homagewhat did you do on 12/12/12? i hit a triple. i became a professional musician. effective immediately i’m accepting bookings for online guitar instruction and related consultations over at The ZOEN – Online Music Lessons . i’ve passed the application process, background check, and instructor training and my profile is 90% complete. you know what? good enough, let’s get started on a date we can never forget. saddle up with Matthew Meadows Music (aka m3 – what is your m-factor?) …and yer buddy rango, grab your guitar and your favorite song and let’s start jammin, baby.

love it. absolutely love it. learn to shred like rango, $35/lesson. or learn some Otis Redding. little Mozart? who’s your buddy? who’s your pal? accepting ages 6+ if you can keep them in the chair i’ll keep them entertained. same for the old geezers, we never quit learning.
\m/ (-.-) \m/

this is the direct link to my profile. it tends to not show the preview correctly yet due to DNS propagation errors, but it’s public:


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