Operation Rango: The M-Factor


what is your m-factor?

Facebook post by Rango the Dog, dated 12/12/12, a date that will live in infamy:

“I think instead of a show called X-Factor where people can theoretically take a crap on TV and win a prize, they should have a show called M-Factor where the producers try to find the mutants among us, the polymaths. Just like Professor Xavier, but you’ve got to have Mutant Spectral Talent Syndrome (I made that up). But we’ll just use the internet instead of a fancy machine like a mutant locator or TV, and we don’t need any fancy producers, we’ve all got computers and Facebook and Youtube and such”.

Doesn’t that sound fun? Matthew Meadows Presents: Actual Talent, Gushing All Over Your Internet (TM, but not really). For this competition you cannot merely demonstrate one art to be a contender, you must demonstrate three. You must demonstrate that you are a triple threat. I will leave the three arts to your discretion. For instance you could dance, play guitar and sing (aka Rango). You don’t necessarily have to do them at the same time, but choose your weapons, and make them count. Got more than three? Are you a polymath? Bring on the rain, let’s show the world. We’re big kids, we can do this by ourselves even if this is the Land of Misfit Toys.

After Music XRay takes their cut, 10% of all contributions will go to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which you can learn more about here:


“triple” \m/~(-.-)~\m/

right. fun :-D. how about a rango sandwich with an earworm :-D, that’s super fun!!!



“triple” – operation rango, check 1,2: the final cut

WANTED: an intern and some ca$h 😀 (super/super fun!!!)

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