Ticket for Two (A Christmas Romance)

fiona the loveharp

fiona the loveharp ❤

Wishing you and all my friends and fans a wonderful holiday with your family should you choose to observe.  Since i’m still looking for a jobbie/job I was trying to ignore the whole affair but my girlfriend would have none of that.  Now we’re having a full-on war, trying to out-Christmas each other.  She was in the lead, with a box overflowing with gifts and even a miniature tree and a floppy Santa hat.  I figured that required drastic measures so I just lobbed this litte volley up to YouTube, ReverbNation, Soundcloud and Fandalism where it’s been viewed over 250 times in the first hour, with glowing props.  Yup, a Christmas love song :-D.

Here’s the teaser for the video Ticket for Two (A Christmas Romance), a litte diddy I just recorded with my love harp <3:

two problems with most christmas songs:

a) lacking shreddiness
b) needs more rango

problem solved :-D.


or (fandalism, way more plays & feedback here since it uses facebok authentication &)


merry christmas!!!!



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