Rango’s Holiday Six-Pack

Rango’s a busy dude, to a fault.  We’ve marked his first birthday by releasing a flurry of six new videos, ranging from the latest Snowpocalpyse installment to an old cover tune.  During the last year since Operation Rango: Check 1,2 was released we’ve increased our social engagement by a factor of 4x, and our edge graph now stands at over a million people, with roughly 1,000 hardcore fans and 15,000 that are extremely tuned in.

title screen from Into the Snow II

do not let your children play in the snow

Yup, you read that right.  From zero in December, 2010 to a million people.  Unfortunately there is no corollary between social cache and employment status or checkbook balance, so I’m hovering steady at $0 US, unemployed going on four months now, and my house foreclosed on.

This was the big one, your christmas present. don’t say i didn’t get you anything, this took thousands of hours 😀

1) Operation Rango: Into the Snow II – This is Not Empire

January 20th, 2012 was the day several snowflakes fell and shutdown one of the most advanced technology hubs in the world, the Emerald City of Seattle. Rango went into the snow with his survival kit in search of Tacoma axe man Tim Hearn, who into into the snow in search of Rango. A cautionary tale that reveals not only the fate of the two friends, but also the last known sighting of my wallet before I lost it, along with my phone, and eventually my grip on reality.

\m/~(-.-)~\m/ – moo. moooooo! moooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

2) The Pope – Purple. Don’t let the friendly chimes fool you, there will be bloody paladins at the gate before you can blow the horns. Expect a purple dawn drenched in glistening red. This is the second of three mixes in The Pope trilogy, but in the end there can be only one.

Very popeish, and somewhat purple.


3) Of all the work I’ve done in the last two years, the most satisfying has been the collaborations. If you’re a musician in the unfortunate position of not having a band, collaborations are a life saver, because they involve actual people (the fleshy, non-facebook kind). Notably fun, singing as Simeon for Sabrina Pena Young’s animated science fiction opera Liberteria. This is the most sophisticated video I’ve ever shot in terms of lighting and animation, relying on Sabrina’s artwork and composition to frost the cake and breath a little life into it. Super fun, and not your mother’s opera 😀

4) i figure if you’re going to sit around all day and do nothing you might as well sit around all day and do nothing with a guitar on your lap and a microphone in your mouth (or for better results, in reasonable proximity).

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding Cover), now in glorious high-fidelity stereo audio, smooth & dry going down 😀

5) not one but count ’em two pope videos in the latest salvo. this was the first of the pope tracks i published and the first video to hit the streets a few weeks later. it’s frivolous and silly, except for the serious parts. it’s The Pope – Hat Dance :-D, and i think that’s fun:

rango on solo guitar, getting somewhat popeish. don’t let the chimes fool you, it’s the legion of bloody paladins at the gates you have to worry about. also, did you a bring a suitable hat? you have to have a fancy hat. it’s a hat dance, it’s a perfectly reasonable requirement.

6) here’s a little nugget for you, paying some homage with few sticky licks before ripping into one of the first blues songs i ever wrote, Wine. clean electric here, written for an ex in an instant, i called this one the Broken String mix, because in fact i popped one right at the end of the take (all patched up) \m/

And just because six videos is not enough for Christmas (it’s never enough, is it?), there’s more.  Lots more, in fact an endless stream of good music and pithy rangoisms will be flowing from my brother Johnny Burger over at the AudioBurger, main site here:


I’ll be kicking off my new show there in the new year, along with Jack, Sascha, Baz & Pete, and of course Daddy-Burger himself.  Listen to the antics and expect the worst from this impromptu live preview show from last week, heard by hundreds of people during the broadcast and hundreds more after the fact.  Hilarious, silly, and totally off the cuff, with a giant dose of Rango right in the middle courtesy of Johnny, who pretty much gave me the floor:


Finally, being an internet DJ is super fun, but as you may recall I need a jobbie/job.  I need to get paid.  That’s why it seemed so fortuitous when I stumbed across an inside line on a DJ position over at Seattle’s biggest radio station, 107.7 The End.  Nice work if you can get it, right?  Since I knew it was unlikely they would even hear my audtion, I published it online and started a campaign to get my fanbase to tweet/message/email/post their support: “rango for DJ” was our battle cry for a week, and it’s worked.  The general manager of the radio station, Michael Kagan, was kind enough to acknowledge my campaign and submission last week on their Facebook page when I posted an open letter there.

You can find links to my audition, and further instructions, on my blog site at RangoTheDog.com, the official mouthpiece of the beast :-D:


…and that’s a wrap!  Thanks to Urban Coffee here in aesthetically devoid Lynnwood for hosting tonight’s session!  See you guys online, you know where to find me:

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