Rango Unmuzzled: Bathrobe Radio

That’s a wrap! Season one of Audiobuger.com’s Rango Unmuzzled internet radio show is in the bag and you can hear them all here, surging past 16,000 plays on fandalism and thousands more on the other channels.


This week’s show was a retrospective.  Throught the looking glass…

Rango Unmuzzled: Bathrobe Radio

Rango Unmuzzled: Bathrobe Radio

Rango Unmuzzled: Bathrobe Radio  (1,500 plays)
Tango with Rango and Plagus in this metatastic recapitulation of season one featuring the music of:

mike hartman, justin covergeist, southern experience, savage henry, katsumi yoshihara, six string woody, jed mcconkey, simon james white, devoutcast, and traffic experiment, as well as one from an old black dog.

In this show: singing, sword fighting, and a distinct lack of diatribes. This one is all about the music! Feel the burn from the 4 Corners to the Carolinas to downtown Tokyo and boots on the ground in the UK, where the revolution started.

\m/~(-.-)~\m/ – moooooooooooooooooo!!!!


Rango Unmuzzled: 4 Corners

Rango Unmuzzled: 4 Corners

Rango Unumuzzled: 4 Corners (2450 plays)
====================== ========
Rango and the crew loiter in the rarified cool of the Rocky Mountains before setting out to the 4 Corners region, a 300 mile segment on a 420 mile journey that runs smack dab into a face full of duck humor. Featuring Mike Hartman and the Appendages, with support from Bullofa Cristix, Covergeist and one more from those savages in Denver, Savage Henry. Even Katsumi Yoshira and Simon James White make an appearance, this show is not to be missed. Produced for Johnny Burger’s Audioburger.com, make this face 😀 and then do this:



War in the Carolinas at AudioBurger.com

War in the Carolinas at AudioBurger.com

Rango Unmuzzled: War in the Carolinas  (3,450 plays)
Rango hits the Carolinas in this third episode of the AudioBurger radio show. Featuring the music of Southern Experience representing the North and Six String Woody for the South, take a ride down a river of honey and soak up the sun when the clouds part. Southern rock spotlight, guaranteed to delight!


Rango Unmuzzled: Big in Japan (2, 400 plays)
Fly the skies of Nippon with Rango the Dog. Exploring the magnificence, mystery and history of the people of Japan, featuring the guitar mastery of Katsumi Yoshihara, Katzy Edward and Kindlay, with a cameo from Traffic Experiment and an old, wet dog.


Rango Unmuzzled: Big in Japan

Rango Unmuzzled: Big in Japan

Rango Unmuzzled: Riot in the UK (2,300 plays)
here’s the poddie for those who missed the AudioBurger.com rollout last week. yes, it was a bit of a pile-on, and unfortunately i had to leave abruptly during the show to tend my home situation.but make no mistake, 2013 is the Year of the Dogg. with performances from Simon James White and his crew SjW, TRAFFiC EXPERiMENT, Jed McConkey and MikeWhite Presents, as well as Jackson’s Warehouse and the Shanklin Freakshow. see what Johnny Burger, Jack Chandler, Sascha Cooper and Darren Baz Badrock were going on about in this 90 minute premiere that skewers both Google AdSense and the ultimate symbol of consumer disregard, the steamer from the little napolean that you’re reading now: Facebook.it ain’t perfect, it’s very raw and indie and there’s a 15 second drop-out in the middle that will leave you scratching your head. actually the whole thing will leave you scratching your head, which is why you should totally listen. consider: fleas (dog humor), pause & resume, or download & burn for your car! it’s for you guys! i want to entertain you, it’s very simple!!!\m/~(-.-)~\m/ – moo. moooooo! mooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!


Rango Unmuzzled: Riot in the UK!!!

Rango Unmuzzled: Riot in the UK!!!

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