Rango Unmuzzled on AudioBurger

860526_10200693598400983_1095934673_owhat a pleasure to work with so many fine musicians!!! triple like on that. it’s my new 2nd-favorite thing (girlfriend wins here). i’m all wikis and stickies by day, framing up the finest bards in the land by night, every night. plagus is right, i’m a horrible dj, but he’s worse, he just wants to play ‘daisy’ over and over again, and frequently fails to edit my bits correctly and leaves in the mistakes and retakes. it’s so meta i can’t stop talking about how meta it is, but that’s yet another tautaulogy and i’ve promised i wouldn’t do those, because plagus can’t handle them, he crashes from infinite recursion.

at the end of the day what matters is the music, and i’ll put rango’s roster of gunslingers, revolutionaries, and head-cleaving axemen out to compete for your entertainment-lusting clock cycles. currently on the show, among others:

Rango Unmuzzled: Riot in the UK!!!

Rango Unmuzzled: Riot in the UK!!!

Simon James WhiteKatsumi YoshiharaSouthern ExperienceSix String Woody,Savage HenryMike HartmanTim HearnCovergeist, and the current gem in the crown of the emerald city, The People Now. these are the musicians that i’ve featured on my radio show Rangounmuzzled, and i’ll be featuring them again on my fandalism page every day, broadcasting every Monday ~9:00 GMT, unless i’m a little late \m/. right here on the main sight, snuggly nestled in between a late night rock show and a show from a dude named baz about unexplained phenomenae that had me heading for wikipedia every time, and fascinated. it lives there for a day in fine company and then it’s off to spreaker, soundcloud, and my fandalism, so you can back fill on the weekend and make this face 😀 and this one 😮 and a whole bunch of these:


it’s all very burgery, and there’s a guy i’d like to tag but fortunately for him i’m out of tags, so maybe ditch your weekly commitment to jersey shore with something a litte more stimulating, get some passion, guts and a dash of robot humor and swordfights in every episode \m/. either that or get whatever’s playing, because this is the kind of internet radio your mother warned you about (but she’d probably like it, too).

please tweet, share, and light this puppy up. from the UK to LA, burn, baby, burn. no censors, no schedules, no limits:


Rango Unmuzzled at AudioBurger.com

Rango Unmuzzled at AudioBurger.com


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