Rango Unmuzzled: Axis (Live)

Rango Unmuzzled: Axis

Rango Unmuzzled: Axis

Rango Unmuzzled: Axis (Live)

Recorded Live: Sunday, June 2nd 2013

Season III Episode 5 finds Rango flying solo at the console looking for choicest cuts from the Rangosphere. Featuring the music of Joe Funktastic, The People Now, JC Flow, Matt Young’s John Q. Public, Matthew Martinek, Gregory Boyce Halls, Ben Badenhorst, J@Jed McConkey & Tony Floyd Kenna, Savage Henry, Paul Taylor’s Anchorage Alaska, Budd Zunga, Shade Law, Kerry Kelley, Ariel Eshcar, Kyle Person’s Postmodern Troll, Steve Gardner’s The Condition, Sabrina Pena Young and one from an old, wet dog. Ranging from hard rock to neoclassical shred, from zulu inflected metal to the face-melting drama of a classical dubstep, it’s the range and breadth of artistry demonstrated on shows like this that set Rango Unmuzzled apart from your momma’s radio \m/. Produced for Audioburger.com, making this face:

\m/~(-.-)~\m/ooo~ ( divinely bovine )


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