Rango Unmuzzled: Allies

Rango Unmuzzled: Allies

Rango Unmuzzled: Allies

This weeks’ episode for one more day:

Season III – Episode 6 LIVE

#rango casts the spotlight around the room and hits some favorites from prior episodes going all the way back to the first shots fired by Simon James White on Season I – Episode 1, Riot in the UK. We hear from Joe Funktastic, Southern Experience, Six String Woody, guitar heros Katsumi Yoshihara and Rick Rousseau. Amidst random jabs at the sore spots in the UFO community’s most recent disclosure we also hear from John Q. Public, newcomers Janey Neal and Kara Johnstad, as well as staples Savage Henry and The People Now. Includes tracks from Jed McConkey & Tony Floyd Kenna, Simon Collins, Don Sinyo, Shade Law, Shaun Peace, Budd Zunga, Civilized Tears, Anchorage, Alaska, Kevin Byrne & Parker Bombshell along with plenty of messages to the NSA and opaque duck humor for Mike Hartman since we forgot to play his track after a shakey start. Tim Hearn contributes his lead guitar mastery to one of my tracks, as he tends to do \m/


Tomorrow’s Episode:

by popular demand, Sunday June 16th ~ LIVE

Rango Unmuzzled: Who’s Your Daddy? (Unscheduled Father’s Day Show)

12:00 PM Left Coast – 3:00 PM Right Coast – 8:00 PM Old Mother Hubbard (UK)

Rango Virus

Rango Virus

we couldn’t fit everybody into the Season III, Episode 6: Allies, our scheduled season finale. so we’re going back on the air to hear from folks like Mike Hartman, Patrick Kindy and Bullofa Cristix, along with Rangounmuzzled regulars Simon James White, Savage Henry, John Q. Public and The People Now. expect to hear from JC Flow, Joe Funktastic and Janey Neal, as well as more blather on UFO’s, the NSA and other topics of various degrees of irrelevance as we unmuzzle the old black dog and let him roam around the 19th episode without a leash.

also expect: better narrative audio, an angel has given us a new microphone .

“don’t pee there. please? ok fine, that’s your spot now” – rangothedog to rango the <actual><dog>





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