Rango Unmuzzled: Episode XXI – 21 Gun Salute ( LIVE )

Rango the Dog

Rango the Dog

Rango continues the hunt for the world’s most wanted man, Edward Snowden, while taking the time to stop and skewer the roses along the way. Featuring tracks from Steve Gardner, Ben Badenhorst, John Q. Public, JC Flow, The People Now, Devoutcast, New Killer Shoes, Mike Hartman, Triage Revival Project, Budd Zunga, Scott Jones, Janey Neal, Joe Funktastic, Parker Bombshell, Jed McConkey & Tony Floyd Kenna, Don Sinyo, Savage Henry, Patrick Kindy, Tim Hearn, Simon James White, Bang Data, Sabrina Pena Young, Simon Collins, Ariel Eschar, Jed McConkey, Sean McGrath, Matthew Martinek, Shaun Peace and other artists from the most conspicuous top-shelf primo roster ever to litter the highways of the world wide webbiness~
#rango #rangothedog #audioburger #indie #indieradio #radioshow #hardrock #funk #metal #progressive #lovesongs #comedy #plagus #edwardsnowden #metalink #liberteria — with TheAudio Burger.




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