Two Interview Questions

Rango Virus

Rango Virus

Overheard on Facebook, after closing out two weeks of software engineering interviews in the emerald technopolis of Seattle during which I was given technical screens and phone interviews with more than a dozen people:

horrible interview question:

(some pass/fail javascript formula dividing by a string)


“suppose you have a pile of bits” – interviewer

things you could do to them:

look for obvious patterns
^^^start here

look for non-obvious patterns
^^^ not as obvious

820829_10200475248862381_1557910080_olook for an absence of patterns
^^^ truly random streams should contain patterns

shift the bits to the right or left (1x, 2x, 3x, etc)

flip the bits with logical operators (AND, OR, NOT, etc)

apply mathemtatical transforms on the bits (linear, squared, quadratic, log’d, etc)

apply computational transforms on the bits (gzip, rar, etc)

treat the bits as every known language.

treat the bits as media: image, video or music

treat the bits as time-series coordinates.

Zither Sculpture Grayscale Negative in A-Major

Zither Sculpture Grayscale Negative in A-Major

treat the bits as geospatial coordinates.

treat the bits as moves on a chessboard.

treat the offsets of the bits as the data

map the offsets of the bits to time-series axes

map the offsets of the bits to geospatial data

(etc and so forth)

now combine every one of these treatments

in every possible combination

981909b5e9b9932727a5c739c55bf681and then treat your results

as another steaming pile of bits,

use the results to a seed a training set.

and go back to the top,

lather / rinse / repeat


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