The Nervecast Show – Johnny vs Rango & Pete as UFO Skeptics

Thoughts can be sensed with brainscanner :-D \m/~!

Thoughts can be sensed with brainscanner 😀 \m/~!

the ~8,563 of you who heard today’s broadcast of The Nervecast Radio Show know i’m weary of encountering this type of vacuous thinking in the preponderance of blinking-light UFO videos found on youtube and correspondingly passionate testimonies.

a) there’s no terrestrial/earthly explanation for the movements of what i saw / wasn’t flown by a human

a variation of

b) even modern military hardware can’t move that way


c) what i saw defied the laws of physics.

some answers from #rangothedog on the show today (paraphrasing):

Rango Virus

Rango Virus

a) you can now, today, on the web, buy a drone the size of a kite that can hover, fit it with tiny lights and fly it over your neighborhood at night. this will easily get you on youtube, where people can take a crap on camera and get millions of hits and $$ (but not #rangothedog, banned for life from compensation with no further appeal by Google AdSense).

b) what if there was a concentrated effort, with the full focus of the most powerful military in the world, to understand how insects fly, and scale it up into very small ( <1 meter) survellience and weapons delivery systems <=== if they didn’t do this they would be remiss, but then again they couldn’t reach concensus on a balanced budget, so maybe not. presumably those machines would be flown and tested at night and the cheapest way to measure and improve them would be to light them up with led’s and track them with commodity camera arrays, then translate the video to pixel streams for optimization analysis, looking for lift functions.

c) what if what you saw was a hologram projected on the mist from water balloons that were burst remotely using lasers on the ground, or other balloons highter up, or scaled up to project images onto clouds from satellites. had you thought of that? that’s not even original, i saw it at disney .

bonus answer:

code wars: emergent

code wars: emergent

what if what you saw was projected into your brain remotely by a government or company that’s extended the thought-translation and memory-construction research done by private-sector organizations like Microsoft Research, delivered publicly to the research/educational community, and turned it into near-field memory-induction mind control weapons delivery systems. that kind of machine can be built, so you should assume it has been, and deployed.

also possible: the camera was “somewhat shaky”, you were “somewhat high/dreaming/drunk”, or experiencing a convincing hallucination predicated on extreme fatigue or one of many, many psychiatric disorders that are so common, there’s a huge bible-sized book called the dsm[iv++] that’s constantly revised by armies of psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, biologists, chemists, businessmen and publishers that are trying to apply a compression function to human behaviors and squeeze out a little margin $$ (can’t blame them, everybody needs bread and i believe they’re trying to help, just not succeeding in alignment with their pay).

“i think my boyfriend has been abducted by aliens” – the tango, on today’s show

“no tango for rango” – rango, all the time \m/~

some of you think i’m paranoid, and i have been, but not now. i’m emotionally stable and on top of my game, all systems go. i simply find the critical mass of uncritcal thinking worthy of an all-caps moment, but not going there, see previous point with back references for understanding reverse polish notation.

“all green lights” – Jonny Smokes

“feeling very programmery” – #rangothedog giving the nod to internationally acknowledged polymath Alexander Miller

join me for more public critical thinking exercises on sunday’s episode of Rangounmuzzled, an extension of today’s episode brought to you by TheAudio Burger and our creepy uncle Pete RingMaster \m/~

Sunday, October 20th 2013

12:00 PM LA 3:00 PM NYC 8:00 PM BST

you all know where, but if i include the link #facebook will bury & extort.

(now on wordpress, it’s ok)

ps: Zucchero Craig you should catch a show, i think you’ll like it, and if you do i’d love to skype you in for an interview and surging indie viral lift. Rocky Milone please punch him in the shoulder and tell him to do it, i share his reel and he doesn’t even know it. the little guys, we stick together around here, it’s like the gang of misfit toys.


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